Paris this summer

The Dutch field hockey women will play the following matches in Paris this summer:

Saturday, July 27th Netherlands vs. France
Monday, July 29th Germany vs. Netherlands
Wednesday, July 31st Netherlands vs. China
Friday, August 2nd Belgium vs. Netherlands
Saturday, August 3rd Netherlands vs. Japan

The quarterfinals, semifinals, and final will take place on August 5th, 7th, and 9th respectively.

Pro League 2024 Schedule

Matches in India:

February 3 USA vs. Netherlands
February 4 India vs. Netherlands
February 6 China vs. Netherlands
February 9 Netherlands vs. Australia
February 12 Netherlands vs. USA
February 14 Netherlands vs. India
February 15 Netherlands vs. China
February 18 Australia vs. Netherlands

Matches at Hockeyclub Kampong, Utrecht:

June 22 Netherlands vs. Germany
June 24 Netherlands vs. Belgium

Matches at the Wagener Stadion, Amstelveen:

June 28 Belgium vs. Netherlands
June 29 Germany vs. Netherlands

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