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Winning is a team effort. That’s why we stand by our women’s national beach volleyball team to make their biggest dreams come true. With the #SameDream mission, we help our Team Orange heroines achieve peak performance. The goal? To be and remain at the very top!

Summer of sports 2024
The road to paris for Stam and Schoon

Our beach volleyball ladies Katja Stam and Raïsa Schoon play tournaments all over the world throughout the year. They are doing everything they can to finish as high as possible in the world rankings this summer to qualify for Paris. The duo is well on their way and should be able to maintain their current spot in the top 10. Let’s go Holland! Go for gold!

European championship 2024
European beach volleyball in the Netherlands

Presented by DHL, this year’s European Beach Volleyball Championship will take place in the Netherlands! From August 13 to 18, Europe’s best beach volleyball players will be in the Netherlands competing for the coveted title, with match venues in Apeldoorn, Arnhem and The Hague. Our very own Stam and Schoon will also be playing here.

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Competition overview
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Want to stay up to date on all the upcoming matches and tournaments? DHL closely follows Dutch women’s beach volleyball. You can check the various match schedules with us and, who knows, you might just score tickets to one of the games through our special promotions for supporters!

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Katja and Raïsa's dream
To become the best in the world

From very young volleyball talents in the gym to world-class beach volleyball players: the Dutch duo Katja Stam and Raïsa Schoon reminisce together in the locker room. Our two #SameDream ambassadors are happy to talk about their biggest dream in elite sports.

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Sponsor of the Dutch women's national teams

In addition to our beach volleyball ladies, we are a sponsor and logistics partner of four more women’s national teams: soccer, field hockey, handball and volleyball. Our #SameDream mission helps bring the dreams of the Team Orange heroines closer. Sign up as a supporter and have a chance to win game tickets, receive the latest sports news and get exclusive discounts.

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