Welcome to the world between A and B

It is our job to get parcels from A to B. Yet, between those two letters exists a world of precise planning, smoothly running systems, and creative solutions – a world made up of sorters, coordinators, and team leaders. This is work with a lot of responsibility, in which keeping track of the situation and communication determine the quality experienced by millions of our clients. If this sounds like something for you, we expect you to go all the way!

We deliver growth

Now that consumers are shopping online in large numbers, freight transportation has grown phenomenally. And this makes our field all the more interesting. After all, one parcel is not like the other and neither is your workday. Around the holiday season we can always count on a very busy period, but even during the rest of the year your work will be varied. You’ll be faced with challenges that will put you and your co-workers to the test and require you to work together as a close-knit team. And you’re always close to home, as we’re all across the Netherlands!

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The numbers

DHL eCommerce: A multinational with half a million employees with the mindset of a startup. We always continue to innovate, work together as a close-knit family, and always put the customer first. These are the numbers that make us proud.

600 trucks en route every day

1.100 delivery vans en route every day

131 DHL CityHubs in the Netherlands

16 sorting centers the Netherlands

Traineeship in logistics
Putting miles under your belt at a top brand

If you have just completed a commercial or logistics diploma and are ready for a flying start, then choose a traineeship at DHL eCommerce. Every day you work closely with specialists and will quickly receive your own tasks that come with serious responsibilities. After all, that's how you learn. Soon, complex organizational structures and the flow of goods will make perfect sense and you’ll be ready for a great career in logistics.

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Right on track to achieve zero emissions

Our ambition is the last mile of delivery to be fossil-free. That’s why we’re expanding our electric fleet as quickly as possible and building sorting centers that are powered by wind and solar energy. While this is fantastic progress, we know that we can achieve more together than alone. That’s why we ask the organizations that we work with to join us on our sustainable mission in the Netherlands and across the world. Will you help us?

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