Parcel to Brussels or Bruges?

bpost and DHL know exactly what to do. By combining our services the Belgian consumer market is more accessible than ever. With it's flexible delivery options bpost offers your customers exactly what they have been waiting for. One more pro: your parcel reaches your customers' hands the next working day.

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At your service

If you send a parcel to Belgium, you can count on bpost and DHL Parcel. We don't just bring your parcels from A to B; we also provide extensive and professional services.

bpost courier

Fast delivery

Fast delivery is an added bonus for you. We deliver your parcel to your customer in Belgium on the next working day. This includes Saturdays!

bpost locker

Pick up is just around the corner

There are 2,300 bpost shops in Belgium. We are always near your customers.

Home delivery

Customized delivery

bpost knows what its customers want and delivers accordingly including package deliveries to collection points or the garage behind a house.

French fans

You can count on French-speaking staff to deliver your parcels in Wallonia, bien sûr!

online shipping tool

An online shipping tool

Our ultra-modern, all-in-one shipping service for parcels, My DHL Parcel, makes it easy, reliable, and quick to send your parcels to Belgium.

DHL pick-up

One pickup

If you have an order ready to be sent, we'll collect all your parcels and pallets in one go. This service is free of charge for pallets and if you send more than 50 parcels per month.

bpost courier

Follow it every step of the way

Your customers can easily follow their parcels or pallets with track and trace.

support team

Steadfast support

Our support team stays up to date about what's happening in your organization. Our dedicated account managers get to know you even better and make our partnership even stronger.

How to perform in Belgian e-commerce

Knowledge is power. That is why bpost investigated what it is that Belgian consumers seek when shopping and shipping online. We collected our finds in one comprehensible report.

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