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Online stores throughout the Netherlands have already boosted their warehouse management systems with our official Picqer plug-in. In just a few clicks, you can link your shipment and get ready it for send-off. Printing labels for shipments to companies and consumers in Europe couldn't be easier!

DHL labels

Automated printing
Let's rollll

The Picqer plug-in makes it easy to create shipment labels and return labels. As soon as an order has been picked, the labels will automatically come rolling out of your printer. This saves you valuable time in the shipping process for parcels and pallets.

DHL bezorgopties

Suprise with options
Complete labels

The shipping options that you set on your Picqer shipping profiles will be automatically printed onto the labels via the plug-in. Examples include delivery to a DHL ServicePoint, evening delivery, or "do not deliver to neighbors".

DHL extra services

Extra services
Tailored labels

In Picqer, set a number of profiles with appropriate services such as insured shipment, signature on delivery, or 18+ check. You can also set label rules per product type, such as letterbox labels for small parcels.

Your DHL eCommerce account
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To use our Picqer plug-in, you will need a DHL eCommerce business account. Registration is very easy (and free). Sign up, receive your login details for our shipment service straight away, and automate your shipping process today.

Create free account

Install your plug-in
Straight down to work via My DHL Portal

Do you have a My DHL Portal account? Than you can start right away wit automating you order picking process and save time and money on each order.

Step 1

Create an API key in My DHL Portal.

My DHL Portal

Step 2

Log into your Picqer account and enter Settings / Sipping providers. Add DHL eCommerce as a new shipping provider.

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Step 3

Configure the extension with the API key and choose the services you want.

Set rules in Picqer (in Dutch)