Simple and secure
Ship and pick up at your convenience

Want to send or pick up your parcel quickly and easily? A DHL Locker is the perfect solution. Chances are there is one near you. You can go there any time of day, and some lockers are even available in the evening. This means no waiting around at home for the delivery person. You just receive a message when your parcel is ready. Open the locker using a unique code and you can be on your way. It really is that simple and secure.

How do I pick up my parcel at a DHL Locker?

When your parcel is delivered to one of our lockers, we will send you an email, text or message in the My DHL app that will include a unique collection code. You then have seven days to pick up the parcel. Please contact DHL Customer Service with any questions. We will be happy to assist you.

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How to pick up a parcel

1. Select a locker

In the webshop, choose a DHL Locker near you as the delivery option. Is that option not listed? Then you can easily arrange it after checkout using track and trace or the My DHL app.

2. Wait for our notification

We will let you know when your parcel is ready via track and trace or the My DHL app.

3. Use your code to open the locker

The code we send is unique to you, which means you are the only one who can access the locker containing your parcel. Be sure to pick up the parcel within seven days - otherwise it will be returned.

How do I send my parcel using a DHL Locker?

You can also use a DHL Locker to ship or return parcels. Make sure there is a shipping or return label on the parcel. If you don't have a label, you can create and print one via the My DHL Portal. Go to a DHL ServicePoint if you want to ship your parcel without a label or only with a digital label (QR code).

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How to send a parcel

1. Apply the shipping label

Apply the label to your parcel. Shipping labels are required to send a parcel using one of our lockers. Parcels without labels should be dropped off at a DHL ServicePoint near you.

2. Scan the barcode

Go to a DHL Locker near you and scan the barcode on your shipping label. Choose your desired locker size on the screen.

3. Put the parcel in the locker

Sending multiple parcels or packages? Then put them all in their own locker.

4. Close and confirm

Close the locker door, click ”confirm”, and you're done. You will receive the drop-off receipt directly in your email. Our delivery person will pick up the parcel quickly.


My DHL Locker is full. What can I do?

Our DHL Lockers are emptied twice a day from Monday to Saturday. However, it is possible that a locker is full. 

Receiving a parcel
Should your parcel be delivered in a DHL Locker which turns out to be full, we will move to an alternative DHL point nearby. We will inform you about this by e-mail or with a nofication in the My DHL app. You will also find this new location on track and trace. 

Sending a parcel
Do you want to send a parcel using a DHL Locker and does it turn out to be full? Find another locker or DHL ServicePoint nearby.

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I don't have a code to collect my shipment from a DHL locker

If you don't have the code to collect your parcel from a DHL locker, please go through the following step-by-step plan.

1. Check your spam
Check your email junk folder. The email with the collection code sometimes ends up in your spam.

2. Double check the location
Check whether your package has really been delivered to the locker. It is possible that our courier has moved to another (manned) DHL ServicePoint. For example, because the locker had a malfunction, or because there was no compartment available to fit your shipment. Therefore, please take a good look at track and trace to see at which collection point your parcel is located. For a manned DHL ServicePoint you do not need a pick-up code.

3. Contact customer service
Was your shipment delivered to a locker and was the code not in your spam? Then please chat with our customer service. Make sure you have the shipment number at hand. Our customer service will make sure you receive a pick-up code as soon as possible.

I shipped a parcel using a DHL Locker, but I did not receive a receipt. What can I do?

If you send a parcel using a DHL Locker, you will receive a receipt by e-mail or text message. Check your spam to make sure the receipt didn't end up in your unwanted e-mails. You can also track your shipment via track and trace or the My DHL app

Didn't receive a receipt? Please contact customer service.

I've closed the locker and my parcel is still inside. What should I do?

If you're quick, you'll be able to open the locker again with the same code. If not, call our contact center to re-activate your code.

I cannot use my DHL Locker due to a technical failure. What can I do?

If you can't use a DHL Locker because of a technical failure, please contact customer service. We are happy to help you.

Where's my nearest delivery point?

You can send your parcel from a DHL store or leave it in a parcelstation to be sent later. With 4000 points in the Netherlands, there's sure to be one near you. Find your DHL ServicePoint.