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Track and trace says my parcel was delivered, but I did not receive anything

Does track and trace state that your parcel has been delivered, but didn't you receive anything? Don't worry, there are a couple of things you can do.

Check with the neighbors
It may be the case that our courier has delivered your parcel to your neighbors or in an (external) mailbox, but forgot to pass this information on. Just to be sure, please check if this has happened in your case and if your closest neighbors have received your order.

Your parcel is often still on its way
Did your neighbors not receive anything either? Then we advise you to wait one working day. In many cases when your order seems to be delivered in track and trace, but you did not receive it, it will still be delivered to you the next working day. This means the online status of your parcel may not be correct, but your shipment is actually still on its way to you.

Still haven't received anything?
Did you not receive anything after a working day? We are sorry to hear that! The first step is to contact the sender, for example the webshop where you placed your order. If this doesn't lead to a solution, please contact us directly.

What should I do if my parcel is delayed or lost?

In that case, please contact the sender. For example, the customer service of the webshop or the platform where you ordered, or with the person who sent something to you. They will help you further and can start an investigation at DHL if something is wrong.

I have received a parcel that is not intended for me

Has your parcel been mixed up with someone else's? Please report via our chat that your shipment has been mixed up. Then the necessary information will be requested and we will immediately get to work for you.

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