Excel on all fronts: on the road and online

With our strong network in Europe, we guarantee not only efficient shipping, but also a complete logistics service that goes beyond a trip from A to B. Professionalize your online store with smart plug-ins, APIs, extensions with warehouse management systems and marketplaces. That makes shipping simplicity itself, whilst strengthening your customer satisfaction and conversion rate.

Plug-ins for extra power

Leave nothing to chance and be sure to offer enough shipping options to win over even the most critical customers. Our plug-ins take the entire shipping process to the next level and simplify everything behind the scenes. That makes sending and receiving easier for everyone.

King of the road

Within the Benelux, your shipments are delivered the next working day as standard, but it's just as easy to ship parcels throughout Europe. From pallets to individual products: we collect them from you daily and you and your customers follow the current status with track and trace. That makes transport part and parcel of an outstanding customer experience.

Ready to go?

Create a free business account online now and view our shipping options and the corresponding rates. Convinced? Download the DHL plug-in for your e-commerce platform (also free of charge).