Our mailbox parcel rates

Need to send a mailbox parcel to a DHL point in the Netherlands? It will cost only €3.70. This is the most economical option if you want to send your mailbox parcel quickly to a residential address in the Netherlands.

You easily follow your parcel’s route using track and trace. This allows you to see whether your parcel has already been processed, when it leaves our distribution center and when it arrives on the doormat or in the mailbox. And do you like to be totally sure? Then you can also insure the mailbox parcel you’re sending for €3.40 per kg. 

Mailbox parcel dimensions

The most important thing for a mailbox parcel: that it fits through the mailbox! Therefore, always take into account the maximum dimensions: 38 cm long, 26.5 cm wide and 3.2 cm high. Packages within these sizes are small and flat enough to fit in any standard mailbox. Also keep an eye on the maximum weight: 2 kg. As long as your package stays within these dimensions and weight, you can trust us to deliver it through the mailbox.

How do I send a mailbox parcel?

Sending a mailbox parcel is just as easy as a regular parcel. What about packaging?

You can't go wrong with mailbox sized packaging: it is nice and sturdy and suitable for more vulnerable items.

For example, do you want to send a book? Then letterbox packaging with double-layer corrugated cardboard is ideal.

Empty spaces in the box are best filled with filler such as paper so that the contents of your package do not slide.

Make sure that your package is tightly closed. Are you in doubt? Then close it with a piece of tape.

Create your mailbox parcel shipment online

Is your mailbox parcel ready? You can quickly create your shipment in My DHL Portal. Next, print your shipping label and stick it on your package. Or just have the QR code scanned at a DHL ServicePoint, and we will take care of the rest.

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Follow your mailbox parcel

Big advantage of a mailbox parcel: you don't have to stay at home to receive it. Still, it's good to know when your package will arrive. You can follow a mailbox parcel within the Netherlands online via track and trace. Use the track and trace link you received from us, or look up your shipment in the My DHL app.

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Can I track my mailbox parcel with track and trace?

Yes, you can simply track your mailbox parcel with track and trace if it has been sent to an address in the Netherlands.

Where can I drop off a mailbox parcel?

If you want to send a mailbox parcel, simply drop it off at a DHL ServicePoint near you.

What does it cost to send a mailbox parcel at DHL eCommerce?

You can send a mailbox parcel to a DHL ServicePoint within the Netherlands for € 3.70, or to a home address for € 4.20. You can send parcels within Europe from € 10.

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What are the maximum dimensions of a mailbox parcel?

The maximum dimensions of a mailbox parcel are: 38 cm long, 26.5 cm wide and 3.2 cm high. This way you can be sure that your package fits in every mailbox.

How do I get a shipping label for my mailbox parcel?

You can easily create your shipment in My DHL Portal. You can then download the shipping label, print it and stick it on the package. But you can also choose to ship your mailbox parcel at our ServicePoint without printing your own label. Just show the QR code in your mail or My DHL app and we will take care of the rest.