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Whether you've missed a delivery, want to track your parcel, or just have a few questions about your shipment, we're there to help as soon as we can. We've also put together a list of FAQs that may just provide an answer to your question. If they don't, please get in touch with our contact center.


Track and trace says my parcel was delivered, but I did not receive anything

Does track and trace state that your parcel has been delivered, but didn't you receive anything? Don't worry, there are a couple of things you can do.

Check with the neighbors
It may be the case that our courier has delivered your parcel to your neighbors or in an (external) mailbox, but forgot to pass this information on. Just to be sure, please check if this has happened in your case and if your closest neighbors have received your order.

Your parcel is often still on its way
Did your neighbors not receive anything either? Then we advise you to wait one working day. In many cases when your order seems to be delivered in track and trace, but you did not receive it, it will still be delivered to you the next working day. This means the online status of your parcel may not be correct, but your shipment is actually still on its way to you.

Still haven't received anything?
Did you not receive anything after a working day? We are sorry to hear that! The first step is to contact the sender, for example the webshop where you placed your order. If this doesn't lead to a solution, please contact us directly.

When will my parcel be delivered?

If you receive a shipment number from the sender, which could be the online store where you ordered a product, you can always follow the parcel online with track and trace. You can check the parcel's status as soon as the parcel is registered with us. This can sometimes take a while. We deliver your parcel Monday through Saturday, in different time windows. 

Delivery time Europe

Where do I see the current status of my shipment?

You use your shipment number to check the status of your parcel. This can be done via track and trace and in the My DHL app. You will find all the information about your shipment there. Don't have a shipment number? Then request it from the shipper.

What should I do if my parcel is delayed or lost?

In that case, please contact the sender. For example, the customer service of the webshop or the platform where you ordered, or with the person who sent something to you. They will help you further and can start an investigation at DHL if something is wrong.

I have received a parcel that is not intended for me

Has your parcel been mixed up with someone else's? Please report via our chat that your shipment has been mixed up. Then the necessary information will be requested and we will immediately get to work for you.

I don't have a code to collect my shipment from a DHL locker

If you don't have the code to collect your parcel from a DHL locker, please go through the following step-by-step plan.

1. Check your spam
Check your email junk folder. The email with the collection code sometimes ends up in your spam.

2. Double check the location
Check whether your package has really been delivered to the locker. It is possible that our courier has moved to another (manned) DHL ServicePoint. For example, because the locker had a malfunction, or because there was no compartment available to fit your shipment. Therefore, please take a good look at track and trace to see at which collection point your parcel is located. For a manned DHL ServicePoint you do not need a pick-up code.

3. Contact customer service
Was your shipment delivered to a locker and was the code not in your spam? Then please chat with our customer service. Make sure you have the shipment number at hand. Our customer service will make sure you receive a pick-up code as soon as possible.

I have a complaint about how my parcel was delivered. What can I do?

We're sorry to hear that! You can file a complaint with the sender, which could be the customer service department of the online store where you placed your order. They will ensure that your complaint is dealt with by us. You can also submit your complaint to DHL eCommerce's customer service department.

What happens if the parcel can't be delivered?

If you're not at home at the time of delivery and we can't deliver the parcel to your neighbors, we'll bring it to a DHL ServicePoint close to you. We'll also leave a card with a code in your mailbox. Enter this code in track and trace to see where your parcel is going to be delivered. 

Alternatively, you can choose to have another delivery attempt at your address or your neighbors. You will be able to choose from multiple dates and time slots, during the day or in the evening. It is also possible to have the parcel delivered at a different DHL point. Be sure to make your choice before 11.59 PM.

What does the status 'Shipment not yet sorted' mean?

We probably haven't received or processed your shipment yet. Keep an eye on track and trace or the My DHL app. If your parcel is sorted, you will receive an message immediately.

I have not received a shipment number. What should I do?

If you do not have a shipment number, we recommend that you contact the sender of your parcel, which could be the customer service department of the online store where you placed your order. The sender will know the shipment number.

My parcel has been returned to the sender. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to intercept your parcel. We recommend that you contact the sender, which could be the customer service department of the online store where you ordered the parcel. They can ensure that your parcel is resent.

Can I have my parcel delivered to a different address?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Please contact the sender, which could be the customer service department of the online store where you placed your order. They will be able to deliver your parcel to another address.

How long is my delivery code valid for?

On the “delivery” page, you can choose a new delivery option with your delivery code. You can change the time or location of delivery until the DHL driver is at your door. The sooner you choose, the more delivery options you have.

How long will the DHL ServicePoint keep my parcel?

Seven days at most. We'll notify you when we've received your parcel and will send a reminder three days later. You'll then have a week to collect it before it's sent back to the sender.

Can someone other than me collect the parcel from the DHL ServicePoint?

You always need to bring a valid proof of identity (ID card, passport or driving licence) when picking up your parcel. 

Some online stores only allow for the intended recipient to collect the parcel. Sometimes these shipments are insured and a the recipient’s signature is needed. You will be notified if no one other than you can pick it up. If this is the case, please don’t forget to bring a valid ID and drop by yourself to collect it. 

In most cases someone other than the intended recipient can collect it as well, but only if they bring a valid ID. 

Do I have to make a new delivery appointment for each parcel?

No, that's not necessary. You can set you delivery preference with the official My DHL app. For example, you will be able to select your preferred DHL ServicePoint, or have your parcels left in the Agreed Place by default. You will still have the option of making a separate delivery appointment for each parcel..

How can I be sure that an email on behalf of DHL can be trusted?

Are you doubting the authenticity of an email? There are several ways you can check whether an email sent on behalf of DHL is spam or not. Check out this article to see what you can do.


How do I ship a parcel with DHL eCommerce?

With the My DHL app you can prepare your parcel for departure in no time. First click on 'New Shipment', select the weight (maximum 23 kg via a DHL ServicePoint) and make sure your parcel does not exceed 120x60x60 cm (l-w-h) and a maximum of 240 l (l-w-h/1000). Fill in your own details and those of the recipient. Pay easily with iDEAL or credit card, and now just print your shipping label, stick it on your package and you're done! No printer at home? Then choose printless shipping, and show your QR code at a DHL point.

Prefer not to create your label online? An employee at a nearby DHL ServicePoint can assist you as well. There is an additional fee of €1 for this service. This applies only to parcels shipped within the Netherlands.

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When will DHL deliver my parcel?

If you're sending your parcel to a Dutch address, it'll normally arrive the next day, provided you dropped off the package in time. Due to busy times your shipment may take longer to reach its destination. International transit times depend on the destination country.

Delivery times Europe

Where's my nearest delivery point?

You can send your parcel from a DHL store or leave it in a parcelstation to be sent later. With 4000 points in the Netherlands, there's sure to be one near you. Find your DHL ServicePoint.

How will I know when my parcel has arrived?

Use track and trace to pinpoint your parcel in the Netherlands at any time of the day. Use international track and trace to follow other parcels. Make sure you have the shipment number and the recipient's postal code, so we can tell you exactly where your parcel is. We'll e-mail you as soon as your parcel has been delivered.

I haven't received a shipping label. What should I do?

If you didn't receive a label after registering your parcel or if the label is not legible, please contact our customer service department for a new label.

What am I not allowed to ship with DHL?

There are rules for what you can and cannot ship with DHL eCommerce. For security reasons, it is prohibited to ship certain items and substances. If in doubt, please check with our customer service before shipping. 

List of prohibited items


How does printless shipping work?

If you send a parcel with DHL, you typically print your own label. Don't have a printer at home? No problem! Choose the option 'No printer available' when ordering your shipment. Next, drop off your parcel at a DHL ServicePoint and have the QR code scanned on your phone, so we can do the rest.

Do you want to drop off your parcel at a DHL Locker? Then printless shipping is not possible. Shipping using a QR code is currently only available for shipments within the Netherlands.

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Can I send envelopes?

You can send envelopes very easily with DHL eCommerce. Using My DHL Portal, you can create a shipment in a few simple steps. It works exactly the same as shipping a letterbox parcel. Please note that you cannot send postcards or letters. You can find which other goods you are not allowed to ship here

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Can I send a parcel to a PO Box?

Unfortunately, you can't use DHL eCommerce to send parcels addressed to a PO Box.

How does the recipient know that my parcel has been delivered to a DHL point?

The recipient of your parcel will receive a text message or e-mail if it has been delivered to a DHL ServicePoint.

How can I track my international package?

Does your parcel cross our border? Follow it every step of it’s journey with our international track en trace. Even in most remote areas. Neat!

What are the maximum dimensions of a mailbox parcel?

The maximum dimensions of a mailbox parcel are: 38 cm long, 26.5 cm wide and 3.2 cm high. This way you can be sure that your package fits in every mailbox.

What does it cost to send a mailbox parcel at DHL eCommerce?

You can send a mailbox parcel to a DHL ServicePoint within the Netherlands for € 3.70, or to a home address for € 4.20. You can send parcels within Europe from € 10.

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What is the current status of my return shipment?

As soon as you have dropped off your parcel at a DHL point, you will receive a track and trace link. This allows you to track your parcel online.

If you returned an online order but don't see a new status in track and trace after the parcel has been sorted, you can assume that the parcel has been transferred to the online store where you ordered the parcel. 

Delivery preferences

What are “delivery preferences”?

Delivery preferences mean your parcel will be delivered the way you prefer. Simply enter your delivery preferences in the My DHL app, and we’ll try to deliver according to your preferences. This can be at a DHL ServicePoint in your area, if you’re away from home often. Or even in your garden shed, if that works for you. If you prefer another location for a delivery, simply change your delivery preferences in the My DHL app.

Why should I specify my delivery preferences?

Once you specify your delivery preferences, we’ll take them into account each time we deliver. That way, you’ll minimize the chances of missing a delivery and receive your parcel as soon as possible. Of course, you’ll still receive a notification before we pass by, so you can see whether we’re delivering according to your preferences. If you don’t want us to deliver according to your preference for a parcel, you can change your delivery preference for just that parcel or set a new preferred location – the choice is yours.

Why did DHL eCommerce develop this service?

Because lots of people want it! Recipients told us they needed a standard yet personal delivery method with clear rules, so they could be sure that parcels would be safely delivered to the preferred location that suits them best. And another good thing: If we only have to visit once, we reduce our CO2 emissions!

How do I specify my standard delivery preferences?

To set your delivery preferences, go to your profile (top right-hand corner of in My DHL). Remember to add your address to your profile first, otherwise we won’t be able to find you. You can always change your preferences in your profile and even specify multiple preferences, such as for your work and home address. If you’re happy with your preferences, we’ll do everything to comply to your delivery preferences. 

Which delivery preferences can I choose?

Currently you can choose between “delivery to a DHL ServicePoint” or “delivery to a agreed place around the home”. We aim to add new options soon.

Why is my parcel sometimes not delivered to my favorite DHL ServicePoint or locker?

In some cases, we may not be able to deliver your package to your favorite DHL point or locker. This happens, for example, if the package is too large, an age check must take place or if someone has to sign for receipt. We will then deliver it to your home.

We also do this if delivery to your home can take place a day faster than delivery to your DHL ServicePoint or locker. This way your order will not be unnecessarily delayed. By the way, you can always adjust this manually in My DHL or on track and trace.

A third possibility is that your favorite locker is full. We will then deliver your parcel to a DHL point nearby.

Finally, we really want to be sure that shipments go the right destination. That is why we check every delivery based on address and email details. If we have not received your e-mail address from the sender, we cannot guarantee that we will deliver your package to your DHL point.

How do I know if my parcel will be delivered according to delivery preferences?

Before delivery, we will always email you an announcement for you parcel. It states whether we will deliver according to your preference in that particular case. Missed your email? You can always check the latest status in the app or using track and trace.

My regular DHL ServicePoint is closed. What should I do?

A DHL ServicePoint may be closed on a particular day, or it might be permanently shut. We’ll let you know immediately if we’re unable to deliver your parcel because of circumstances like this, so you can set a different preference. If you haven’t already changed your preference, we’ll deliver your parcels to your home.

When do my delivery preferences take effect?

Your delivery preferences take effect from the moment you submit them. You can still submit any changes in My DHL or via track and trace.

Why is my parcel sometimes not delivered to my home, while I have set this option as my preference?

This happens with parcels that have been sent directly to a DHL ServicePoint. We cannot change the delivery of these for you. We do not deliver these parcels to your home, even if that is your set preference.

Agreed Place

What does the ‘safe place around the home’ delivery option entail?

If you want to receive your parcel even when you might not be at home, that’s no problem. The ‘safe place around the home’ option means you give the DHL courier permission to leave your parcel in a specific place around your home. We call this the Agreed Place. For each parcel, you decide whether the courier may use your Agreed Place, and you select a sheltered location that’s out of sight. This could be in your shed or in the porch. Please note: With this option, couriers may only leave parcels in a place around your home. Please do not enter a different delivery address here.

Why an Agreed Place?

Because lots of recipients want it – it's that simple! Increasingly, our couriers find notes asking them to leave the parcel somewhere. This isn’t really a problem, of course, but clear arrangements need to be made. Now we can do just that! This means we can ensure that senders, couriers, and recipients know exactly what they can and can’t expect from this service

Here’s another bonus: If we don’t have to come back a second time, it means together we can help prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions!

How does the Agreed Place service work?

Once the sender has handed their parcel over to us, you can amend the delivery arrangements on the DHL Track & Trace page. Enter your shipment number and postal code, and under ‘make other arrangements’ select ‘a safe place around the home.’ In the text box, state the place around your home in which the courier can leave the parcel. Please enter your e-mail address, so that we can update you on your parcel’s delivery status. And it’s even easier if you use the My DHL app!

If a parcel needs to be delivered with proof of delivery (signature, PIN code) or age check, then you won’t be able to select the Agreed Place delivery option. Even if the parcel is on its way to a DHL ServicePoint, you will no longer be able to amend the delivery appointment.

Is using Agreed Place a safe option?

With help from you and everyone else involved, we can keep the service reliable:

  • Prevent fraud – never share your shipment number and postal code, as this will allow others to view and / or alter your delivery appointment.
  • You are the one who chooses the Agreed Place. However, if our courier is unsure about it, he/she may decide not to use it.
  • You cannot use Agreed Place to arrange for parcels to be delivered to a different address.
  • We recommend not using the Agreed Place service for high-value items. In such cases, please use a DHL ServicePoint, or select a time when you will be at home.
  • The courier will first ring the doorbell and try to deliver the parcel to you in person. The Agreed Place will only be used as a last resort.

Why can’t I see the Agreed Place option?

There are certain situations in which we do not offer this option:

  • The sender may have chosen not to allow the parcel to be left in an Agreed Place. If this is the case, you won’t see the option under ‘make other arrangements’.
  • Agreed Place is not an option in conjunction with some additional services, such as when an age check is required on delivery.
  • If your parcel is on its way to a DHL ServicePoint, you will not be able to amend the delivery appointment.

What if the parcel isn’t at the Agreed Place?

You may have been expecting a parcel, but can’t find it in the Agreed Place. What should you do?

  • Check the delivery status in track and trace. The courier may not have passed by yet.
  • Go to the track and trace page and click on ‘show details’ arrow below the name of the sender. The courier may have thought that the Agreed Place wasn't safe enough. Please bear this in mind next time.
  • If the courier was unable to deliver the parcel, then he/she will put a card through your mailbox and we will send you an e-mail with details of the next delivery attempt.
  • If you see on track and trace that your order has been left in the Agreed Place, but there is no parcel there and no one else in the household has it either, then please contact the DHL customer service department.

Who is liable once DHL has left the parcel in the Agreed Place?

  • DHL is liable until the moment the parcel is delivered. When the courier leaves your order in the Agreed Place, he/she logs this and it will show up in track and trace.
  • Just like when we deliver your parcel to your door, you’re liable for damage to, loss of, or theft of your parcel after DHL has left it in the Agreed Place.
  • Each time you select the Agreed Place option, we will refer you to the terms and conditions and recommendations. We ask you to agree to these each time you make a delivery appointment.
  • If you still have any questions or if anything is unclear, then we would advise you to get in touch with the online store / sender. They can lodge an enquiry with DHL and discuss with you what steps to take next.

Why is my parcel sometimes not delivered to my Agreed Place?

Sometimes we cannot deliver your parcel at your Agreed Place. This happens, for example, if an age check has to take place or if someone has to sign for receipt.

In addition, we really want to be sure that shipments go to the right destination. That is why we check every delivery based on address and email details. If we have not received your email address from the sender, we cannot guarantee that we will deliver your parcel to the Agreed Place.

Also check the conditions for Agreed Place.