My parcel is delayed or missing. What can I do and expect?


Is your shipment taking longer than expected? We understand that this can be frustrating. We are working hard to deliver your package to you on the expected delivery date. However, due to the high volume of shipments we process daily, this is not always possible. We will make every effort to deliver your package as soon as possible.

Shipment has been stationary for an extended period or appears to be missing
It is not ideal for your package to remain stationary for an extended period of time. In such cases, it is best to contact the shipper. But what if the package has already been handed over to DHL? - In that case, we also advise you to contact the sender. They will initiate an investigation into your package. The sender also has additional package information (such as physical characteristics and size) that is important for the investigation.

My parcel is missing. What can I do and what can I expect?
If your parcel cannot be found, it is the shipper who can claim any potential compensation. Please note that the carrier's liability is limited. The amount of compensation depends on the destination: for a domestic shipment within the Netherlands, it is €3.40 per kg, and for an international road shipment, it is approximately €10.00 per kg. 

About laws and regulations
These compensations are determined by Dutch law for road transport within the Netherlands and by the CMR Convention for international road transport. The following laws and regulations describe the compensations for shipments that are sent uninsured:

- Book 8 of the Dutch Civil Code, article 1105 and decision pursuant to article 1105, for shipments within the Netherlands;
- The CMR Convention for international shipments.