Create the ultimate customer experience

Complete your customers’ experience by integrating our API in your online store. This allows them to choose when they want to receive their purchases, to follow them online every step of the way, and to make use of all options and support. Top-quality service at no extra hassle for you. The perfect solution.

Date of delivery

You customer can select the day on which their parcel is delivered, from Monday through Saturday, up to two weeks ahead. Plenty of time to find a convenient moment.

Time slot

Your customer selects the time slot for the delivery and can choose between the morning, afternoon, or evening. Waiting at home all day for a parcel is history.

Evening delivery

From Monday through Saturday evenings, DHL eCommerce also delivers to your door from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. This is perfect for customers who are not at home during the day.

DHL For You Vandaag

Orders delivered to a sorting center before 1:30 PM, will be delivered with DHL For You Vandaag before 10:00 PM on the same day. Speedy delivery at its best.

Saturday delivery

DHL eCommerce also delivers on Saturdays. This is handy for customers who work all week.

Home delivery

Your customer can also choose to have their parcel delivered at home. If they're not home at that moment, we can deliver to the neighbors.

DHL ServicePoint

Delivery at a DHL ServicePoint store

If your customer is rarely at home, they can collect their parcel at a DHL ServicePoint. There are 4000 DHL ServicePoints across the Netherlands.

Delivery at a DHL ServicePoint Locker

Customers can also collect their parcel at a DHL Locker, most of which are accessible 24/7. Lockers inside stores operate according to the store's opening hours.

Long live the label service

Business is good and the orders in your online store are rolling in. That's great news! So, how handy would it be if the shipment labels were generated automatically? You've guessed it, we have an API for that too. In just a few steps you can link the label service to your systems. Quick installation, endless benefits.

DHL label service
Labels made easy

Automatically create shipping labels with the DHL label service. This saves you mountains of administrative hassle and makes processes clearer. Your employees will get the hang of this system in no time at all, saving you time and money.

More customers with track and trace

If our API is linked to your online store, you can utilize even more opportunities during the customer journey, all the way from purchase through to delivery. By offering track and trace in your own online store, your customers will receive automatic notifications, and you'll increase the chance of repeat sales.

A DHL ServicePoint is a selling point for you

Your clients will be thrilled with the option of collecting their parcel at a DHL ServicePoint, as they don't have to worry about waiting for the delivery at home. If you've added the delivery option to your online store with our API, your customers can arrange everything immediately. Once the parcel has arrived, they'll be sent a notification.

International shipping
Digital customs declaration done in no time

Destination outside the EU? Then your shipment will require customs clearance and there will need to be an invoice on the box. The good news is that you can now provide us with this information digitally. To automate this process, we have developed a special customs API. Link this handy tool to your online store so we can process your shipments even faster and your international customers will not have to wait for long!

DHL API advice
API advice

Our APIs offer you many advantages, guaranteed. But if you have any questions about the installation or other matters, we're glad to help you with our free advice. Just leave your details here, and we'll get back to you to explain it all.

Advice - yes, please!