Same Day Delivery
Go for a shorter delivery time

If you give your customers control over their orders, they will buy from you more and more often. With DHL eCommerce's extensive shipping options, recipients can have their parcel delivered where and when it suits them best - even on the same day. Via our special DHL For You Today network you offer consumers same-day delivery: if they place an order before lunch, they will receive their shipment in the evening, between 5.30 pm and 10 pm. Is the recipient unable to accept the parcel anyway? Then we will drop by again the next day - again in the evening.

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Shorter delivery time, higher conversion

Half of consumers expect a delivery time of less than 24 to 48 hours. So the faster you deliver, the more shoppers will choose you. With DHL For You Today, you offer your customers super-fast delivery and ultimate control over their order, resulting in higher conversion.

Same day delivery

If your customers place an order in the morning, we can deliver it the same day. To do this, you bring the parcels to a RegioHub before 1.30 pm. No time to drive to us? No problem: book a pick-up and we will come to you.

Always delivered within 24 hours

With DHL For You Today, you no longer need an evening shift to process late orders as quickly as possible. If you prepare and drop them off the next morning, we deliver the parcels in the evening between 5.30 pm and 10 pm. That means less rush and shorter delivery time!

Always nearby
Super-fast delivery as standard

If you offer your customers the convenience of DHL For You Today, they will receive their parcel between 5.30 pm and 10 pm. For same-day delivery, deliver morning orders before 1.30 pm to a RegioHub. Orders from the night before should also be processed in the morning and offered at the same time. If that is not convenient, you can also book a pick-up. From Groningen to Geleen: we pick up your parcels and make sure they are delivered the same evening. Our colleagues will be happy to tell you more about this.

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In house today
This is how DHL For You Today works

Also smartly responding to your customers' delivery needs? Contact our sales department and request DHL For You Today. We will be happy to look at the possibilities for your webshop together with you. Once you are part of this complementary network, the logistics process looks like this:

  1. Your customer placed an order with you last night or this morning.
  2. You prepare the parcel for shipping in the morning and deliver it to a RegioHub (before 13:30), or book a pick-up via your account manager.
  3. We will process your shipment through the dedicated DHL For You Today network.
  4. Between 17:30 and 22:00, we deliver the parcel to the consumer.

Please note: DHL For You Today is only available for consumers and not for business shippers. Evening delivery is not possible on the Wadden Islands and in excluded postal code areas.

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