How safe is delivery to Agreed Place?


With help from you and recipients, we will keep this delivery option reliable:

  • As a sender, you always have the option of not allowing the Agreed Spot service. We advise against offering Agreed Place option for suspicious or fraud-sensitive purchases, such as items purchased on credit or using Afterpay, or high-value items. In such cases, when arranging the parcel delivery, please select the option ‘Not in Agreed Place’. For more advice and information on the various options, please get in touch with your DHL contact.
  • We tell your customers never to share their shipment number or postal code with anyone else. This reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Although it’s your customers who decide what they consider to be a safe place, DHL couriers also assess the location. If they don’t believe it’s safe enough, we won’t leave the parcel there. The courier gives a reason, which is displayed for you and your customer on track and trace.
  • Your customers decide which parcels they use the Agreed Place for. We recommend not arranging for high-value items to be left unattended outside their home.
  • A courier will first ring the doorbell and try to hand over the parcel. If no one answers, he/she will check the Agreed Place and place the parcel there. We emphasise to our couriers that they must only leave the parcel if the place is sheltered and not visible from the street.
  • As soon as DHL has reason to exclude specific postal code areas, then we will not offer the Agreed Place service.