What if your customer can’t find his/her parcel at the Agreed Place?


When your customer contacts you, we recommend checking the following:

  • Ask your customer to check the delivery status on track and trace. Maybe the courier hasn’t been along yet, or the parcel has been delayed.
  • Track and trace lets you see the status of the Agreed Place delivery. If the courier decided not to leave the parcel there, the reason for doing so will be in the details section.
  • If track and trace shows that the parcel couldn’t be delivered, the customer should have received a card in his/her mailbox with details of the next delivery attempt and/or an e-mail from DHL explaining the next step in the delivery process. Ask about this when you speak to the customer.
  • If track and trace is showing that the parcel has been left in the Agreed Place but your customer says there isn’t a parcel there, please get in touch with the DHL customer service department. We log every delivery (including a photo) and can conduct further investigations into the delivery status.

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