Report Rethinking Packaging

Packaging is of fundamental importance in logistics, and therefore in almost all conceivable sectors. They make products safer, easier to handle and protect them during storage, transport and delivery. Anyone who sends or receives a package today would almost forget how remarkably versatile and extremely cheap packaging is nowadays. Yet more and more companies and consumers realize that things can be done differently, that it has to be much more sustainable. But where exactly is the profit, what is needed for the next step in packaging innovation and who should lead the way?

Packaging can do more and more
The role of packaging has changed dramatically in the era of explosive e-commerce growth. Traditionally, they protect products during their journey through the supply chain, make transport more efficient and contain important information for participants in the chain. These properties remain important, of course. But to meet modern standards, packaging must also contribute to a positive brand experience, security & traceability and connectedness via sensor tags and codes.

Key role in complex supply chain
The development and use of packaging takes into account the diverse needs of different parties in the chain: from brand designers to retailers, and from logistics service providers to end users. And then there is also a chance that material suppliers, packaging producers and product development teams are at odds with each other due to conflicting priorities and requirements. We can't expect more flexibility from packaging, can we? Oh yes. The next decade will be dominated by sustainability: reuse, zero waste and circularity.

Trends in verpakkingenMake your packaging strategy a top priority
The developments in e-commerce have made end users more demanding and blurred the lines between B2C and B2B. On the one hand, speed, traceability, convenience and experience are more important than ever. On the other hand, society is demanding more and more sustainable solutions from companies (and chain partners from each other). Packaging is very visible to (end) users, and the waste it causes is a thorn in the side of many. It seems that in the near future it will no longer be enough to quickly deliver a good product. In order to increase the feel-good factor and thus make the difference, your packaging strategy needs to be overhauled.

Five areas that deserve your attention
The logistics sector will play a decisive role in companies' efforts to reduce costs, inconveniences and environmental impact of packaging. Where can there still be profit to be made?  Packaging optimization and automation, sustainable materials, reusable packaging and smart packaging. Interesting developments with which your company can innovate to save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Make packaging a source of positive energy
Fortunately, packaging is now at the top of the agenda of many supply chain leaders, and packaging and shipping innovators are driving sectors towards a more efficient and sustainable future with their circular solutions. What can you do to make your packaging a source of positive energy? You can read that in our rapport Rethinking Packaging, full of tips, backgrounds and sector specific trends and applications.