Logistics partner DHL delivers surprises from the heart together with FC Utrecht

Starting in 2019, DHL eCommerce has been the logistical partner of FC Utrecht. In 2021 we expanded our partnership by becoming a Partner from the Heart. FC Utrecht and DHL both focus on social involvement, so a cooperation between the companies was quickly established. With our foundation DHL Cares, we support good causes and social initiatives. DHL and FC Utrecht have acted jointly in a number of Utrecht neighborhoods. Via the 'FC Utrecht in the neighborhood' project, youth in specific neighborhoods are inspired to get moving.

Surprises from the heart
As part of the extended cooperation, DHL employees played an active role during these 'moving' moments. Together with FC Utrecht they informed and activated children in the neighborhoods by means of a unique video, in which a DHL employee visits the neighborhood together with Tiger, the mascot of FC Utrecht. To make this action unforgettable, employees of DHL and FC Utrecht delivered a playful surprise, in the shape of a big gift, in the heart of the district. A surprise that helps the neighborhood to make sports and games more sustainable. The gift consists of various sports and games materials to get local youth moving, such as footballs and vests, and trash prickers to keep the neighborhood tidy together.

Powerful neighborhoods
These surprise moments were realized in the neighborhoods Vollenhove (Zeist), Overvecht (Utrecht) and De Hagen (Vianen). Neighborhood sports coaches, who work in name of FC Utrecht, contribute to the physical, social and mental development of children from these neighborhoods. A unique sports and games course, where both brands and organizations reinforce each other, got young and old moving. For example, in a relay race balls could be delivered and riddles were solved. A volunteer from DHL or FC Utrecht was present at each part of the course. The campaign was successful. With six games more than 300 children were inspired and got moving.

'FC Utrecht and DHL share the ambition to contribute to fit neighborhoods where young people grow up healthy,' says Thijs van Es, General Director of FC Utrecht. 'A surprise is the nicest thing to give! That's why we surprise young people from these Utrecht neighborhoods with a surprise package from the heart that motivates and inspires them to get moving.'
Stéphanie Ganzeboom, manager CSR/DHL Cares: 'DHL is present in the neighborhoods of Utrecht on a daily basis. Partly through FC Utrecht in the Neighborhood our employees can do something extra for the youth.

Thijs Baas, Sales Manager at DHL and a familiar face among the Business Club members, adds: 'Together we are the twelfth man in the Utrecht neighborhoods. We want to make the difference. That's why we're not here just once. We continue to invest in inspiring children and getting them moving. Keeping these children 'FIT' is central. Not only physically, but also socially. We will also provide the children with an unforgettable day by inviting them into the Box from the Heart.'

Photography: Jeffrey Hurenkamp

This article was published in Dutch in Business Magazine.

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications