DHL eCommerce sponsor and logistics partner of national women's teams

DHL eCommerce announces today that it has become a sponsor and logistics partner of the Dutch national women's teams football, hockey, volleyball and handball. Never before has a sponsor stepped so big into women's sport. The partnership bears the name #SameDream, which indicates the joint pursuit of top performance. In view of the tense international situation, the announcement, which took place at the largest and greenest sorting centre in the Benelux in Zaltbommel, had a subdued character. 

With the sponsorship, DHL contributes to the realization of the right preconditions and conditions for women's teams to achieve their sports performance at the highest level. Dutch women's sport is experiencing enormous growth in performance and popularity at the international top level. DHL eCommerce recognises this, which has experienced enormous growth in recent years as a delivery company of online orders. This match in ambition and motivation to be among the best is summarized under the heading #SameDream. In addition, DHL offers the athletes the necessary support and support to make their dream come true. The name DHL eCommerce appears on the shirts of the handball and volleyball players. The term 'logistics partner' applies to all four women's teams and means that DHL eCommerce takes care of the transport of materials to and from competition locations.

Dirk van der Zee, director of women's football at the KNVB, on behalf of the four sports associations.

Growth and new roads
he women's teams are happy with the new agreement. Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of women's football at the KNVB, speaks on behalf of the four sports associations: "Growing and breaking new ground is what we recognize in a company like DHL eCommerce. We – and I'm talking about the Nevobo, the KNHB, the NHV and the KNVB – fit well together; hands-on and focused on wanting to be the best. This collaboration is aimed at giving a new generation of girls and women strength, energy, positivism and inspiration. It is wonderful that DHL is open to this unprecedented partnership with four sports associations and is pursuing the same dream together with us."

Perfect fit
Michel Clausing, CCO of DHL eCommerce Benelux: "The women's teams show that you can win a lot with hard work, but that you also have to take smart new paths, as DHL eCommerce does with digital features and green delivery options. The connection with national teams is also motivated by the fact that DHL eCommerce has traditionally been deeply rooted in Dutch society. "This sponsorship and partnership is a perfect fit, with which all parties can benefit and where the public hopefully experiences the result with great sporting performances."

In order to take the employees and customers of DHL eCommerce into the ups and downs of the athletes on their way to their successes, one of the players of each team acts as an ambassador; they are handball player Lois Abbingh, hockey player Pien Sanders, volleyball player Laura Dijkema and football star Jackie Groenen. 

Handball player Lois Abbingh: "We are very happy that DHL eCommerce is joining our team. We would like to be examples for the new generation. That is why it is very nice that we can enter into a new trajectory together with DHL eCommerce in the coming years and build on new successes. DHL eCommerce is internationally known and it is nice to show the brand to the handball world in this way. Personally, I am proud to fulfill my role as an ambassador."

Hockey player Pien Sanders: "I am proud to be an ambassador for a collaboration between such a large international company as DHL and these four beautiful sports teams. All five of us have the ambition to be world leaders, all of us have built up a great track record in recent years. I hope that with this collaboration we can inspire even more young girls to want to get the best out of yourself. In and outside of the sport."

Volleyball player Laura Dijkema: "This year is all about the World Championship in our own country, a bigger tournament has never been organized in the Netherlands before. The fact that we can play at the World Cup with DHL on our shirt makes me very proud. As volleyball players, we feel connected to the soccer players, handball players and hockey players, all teams that have achieved great results in recent years and, perhaps more importantly, that have inspired countless young girls to pursue their dreams. With DHL and the other women's teams, we share a common dream: to be among the world leaders in our expertise. I am proud to be an ambassador for this unique partnership."

Soccer star Jackie Groenen: "Whatever top sport girls and women practice, they all have the same dream: to perform as well as possible and achieve the highest achievable. As an Orange Lioness, I also want to inspire new generations of girls and women. By showing how women can manifest themselves in top sport. We have been working on this with the OranjeLeeuwinnen for years and the partnership with DHL will contribute to us being able to take another step. And thanks to DHL, the same will apply to women's handball, volleyball and hockey. We all have the #SameDream!"

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications