DHL eCommerce starts building climate-neutral CityHubs

With the minting of a green pile in Almere, DHL has started the construction of 26 new CityHubs for its fine-meshed Dutch network of a total of 140 local branches. The construction and commissioning of these hubs for sustainable urban distribution extends over a period until the end of 2023. On the CityHub, delivery drivers drive around 90 routes past households, shops and businesses every day. This is often done with electric vans and by 2025 at the latest completely emission-free.

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26 new build DHL CityHubs
The 26 new CityHubs to be built (see full list at the bottom of this post) are part of a network of 140 branches. The CityHubs are located on the edge of all urban areas, allowing the 'last mile' to be carried out in the most efficient and sustainable way. On a CityHub, an average of 90 trips depart per day, of which 60 during the day and 30 in the evening, with short routes with 100 to 200 addresses. Short routes enable rapid sustainability because they can be carried out with electric vans, cargo bikes or other small vehicles. All new construction – including this CityHub in Almere – takes place according to the highest sustainability standards of BREEAM. The buildings are gas-free, equipped with solar panels and are driven with a fully electric fleet. This investment is part of an extensive programme of 350 million euros.  

Largest electric fleet
DHL recently expanded its delivery fleet by 500 cars, bringing dhl's total number of electric vans to 1400; the largest electric delivery fleet in the Netherlands.

The 26 new CityHubs to be built will be located in the following places:
Almelo, Almere, Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Oost, Amsterdam-Zuid, Apeldoorn, Breda, Den Haag, Ede, Emmen, Geleen, Gouda/Waddinxveen, Groningen, Haarlem, Helmond, Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Hoofddorp, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Nijmegen, Roermond, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, Zaandam, en Zoetermeer.

A first impression of the CityHub that will be located in Almere. 

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications