DHL opens insect hotel in Zaltbommel

Alderman Posthouwer of the municipality of Zaltbommel (pictured left) and Roelof Hofman, Vice President Operations of DHL eCommerce Benelux, 'opened' an insect hotel today on the construction site where the largest e-commerce sorting center in the Netherlands will be located in more than a year. The insect hotel, which promotes insectism, is shaped in the letters DHL and symbolizes the sustainable logistics that DHL wants to do.

By 2050, the company aims to be completely emission-free; the only way to achieve that is to start now. DHL does this, among other things, by using electric vehicles, by smart planning and by constructing sustainable buildings, such as this building in Zaltbommel: with Breeam certificate, with more than 3000 solar panels, gas-free, with grey water supply, ... and with an insect hotel that stands in the green strip at the sorting center under construction. From now on the shelter for spiders, parasitic wasps, flies, in short for everything that crawls, flies and stings to ensure that insects can continue to play their crucial role in the ecological chain.

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications