Be prepared - Order on time

The holidays cause a significant increase in online orders every year. Webshops expect an extra turnover increase of more than 20% this year compared to the same period last year, partly due to the COVID-19 measures. A few even expect a doubling. This is evident from a tour of among the webshops. Webshops and carriers are taking extra measures to be able to process all demand on time during this busy period. With the campaign Be prepared – Order on time, they also call on consumers to order their gifts in time.

Today the campaign Be prepared – Order on time starts. The campaign focuses on Sinterklaas, who is happy because the packages were ordered and delivered on time. The consumer can help the Saint to get all the presents under the chimney on time.

Wijnand Jongen, director of, hopes that consumers will respond to the call. "The e-commerce industry is always looking forward to the holidays, the busiest but also the most fun time of the year. Especially in this uncertain year due to the corona crisis, it is important that people can safely order their presents in order to make a nice time of the holidays. Webshops and carriers do everything they can to make the right forecasts and preparations despite the difficult to predict future, such as expanding capacity and deploying extra manpower and transport. They will inform consumers as well as possible about when they can expect their packages. The consumer can also lend a hand. The earlier you order, the more spread and less delivery pressure in a few days."

Use's toolkit to remind online shoppers to order on time.

Winand Jongen, director

Peak days

The peak days in number of orders this year are expected to be on Black Friday (27 November) and Cyber Monday (30 November). These days fall just before Sinterklaas. The peak comes on top of the increase in online purchases due to the corona crisis. 80% of webshops expect an increase in turnover due to COVID-19, according to the inventory of Webshops work very hard to wrap all the presents and the carriers regularly process and deliver twice as many packages as normal during this period. "We see that many webshops anticipate the order peak early on. Since last year, they have already started offering their discount promotions. For example, with nice discount promotions on Singles' Day (November 11) and in the week prior to Black Friday. This not only offers extra benefits for consumers, but also prevents extra logistical pressure," says Wijnand Jongen.

Ordered on time, delivered on time

On these extremely busy days, it can happen that a small part of the packages cannot be sent immediately and delivered the next day , as recipients are used to. "With the campaign 'Be prepared – Order on time', we ask the consumer to take this into account and to order well in advance," says Wijnand Jongen. "Pay close attention to the delivery time indicated by the webshop."

Consumers can do a number of things:

  • Order the gifts well in advance of the day you need them. Don't wait until the last minute if you don't have to.
  • Order during the week instead of on the weekend, to avoid the peak days at webshops and delivery drivers
  • If you are not at home, have your packages delivered to a service point. The carrier will not be faced with a closed door, you can pick up the package whenever you want and you prevent it from getting into the hands of the person you want to surprise prematurely.
  • If you would like to have it delivered to your home, choose a time when you are sure that you are at home. Change delivery if your plans change. If delivery drivers are standing in front of a closed door, the delivery of packages takes longer.
  • Sign up for the newsletter of your favorite webshop, so you know what offers there are and when. Many webshops also give discounts around Singles' Day on 11 November. Also, in the week prior to Black Friday, many products are already available at a discount. Waiting until that one Friday is therefore not necessary in many cases.
  • Try to bundle your purchases at the webshop and buy your gifts in one go at the webshop. Wondering when your package will arrive? Then keep an eye on the website of the relevant webshop and your e-mail or app from the carrier.