DHL and United Wardrobe deliver fashion items to new owner

DHL eCommerce and fashion startup United Wardrobe have entered into a partnership for sustainable delivery of second-hand fashion items. To this end, DHL has developed a shipping tool within the online fashion platform. Every month, 90,000 transactions take place, giving clothing, shoes, sneakers and accessories a second life. If a garment changes hands and the seller chooses DHL in the delivery options, all data of sender and receiver from the United Wardrobe platform are transferred to the shipping tool. DHL then delivers the item to the new owner as sustainably as possible.

Thijs Verheul - Owner of United Wardrobe

On the occasion of the partnership, the United Wardrobe team donned a DHL shirt, with a nod to the exclusive clothing brand Vetements, which was recently inspired by the DHL logo. In a short time, United Wardrobe has succeeded in developing their startup into a successful company with an eye for sustainability. "There is already so much clothing on this planet, why should we always buy new clothes when there is already so much fun available", summarizes founder Thijs Verheul of United Wardrobe. "Clothing gets a new owner and it is delivered sustainably by DHL". There are now more than 150 electric vans in the Netherlands and cargo bikes are used. By 2025, DHL wants to deliver parcels as emission-free as possible." "In our quest to be the greenest delivery company in the Netherlands, we like to work with our customers," adds Michel Clausing, vice president Sales & CS of DHL eCommerce Benelux. With United Wardrobe we share our commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions." 

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications