DHL ServicePoints now also include mail points for Sandd

DHL's ServicePoints will now also act as a Postal Point for Sandd. With this, consumers can now also send letters via these stores. To this end, the postal company Sandd is introducing its own stamp, which at 60 cents is also considerably cheaper than the current 78-cent stamps. The first hundred DHL service points are now equipped as postal points.

Alternative to letter mail for the consumer

With the introduction of the Sandd seal, the consumer will for the first time get an alternative to sending letters to home addresses. To this end, Sandd has a network for home delivery with national coverage, which until now was mainly used for business mail items, but is now also available to the individual consumer. The national coverage on the shipping side is realized by using DHL's service points as a drop-off point and also a point of sale for stamps.

The stamps are intended for mail without haste. The significantly lower price that Sandd offers is made possible by the efficient working method and by delivery on two days a week, namely on Tuesdays and Fridays. Recent research by the ACM shows that the delivery of mail is becoming less and less urgent. Nearly three-quarters of consumers and SMEs indicate that they are also satisfied with a delivery frequency of four days or less. Nearly two-thirds of consumers and SMEs also think the current stamp price of € 0.78 is very high.

Growing number of services at growing number of service points

In the coming period, as many of the growing number of DHL ServicePoints to 2000 will be connected to the Sandd network. Service points meet the clear need of the consumer to be able to pick up products ordered online at a time of their choice. Furthermore, the points serve for the delivery and sending of packages, both for the consumer and for business customers, for example the smaller webshop.

For the retailers who act as such a service point, this is a nice extension of their offer, which attracts customers. In addition, DHL wants to offer retailers even more options than just acting as a parcel point. Letter mail is such a service. In the near future, other services are also conceivable, with the shop acting as a customer contact point in connection with an underlying national or even international logistics network. For the consumer, this means that such services are more within reach.

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications