International awards for My DHL app

The My DHL app has won another award, winning the 3rd international award for best mobile app. There are now over 2.3 million active My DHL users since its launch over a year ago. The app also has new features: dark mode and a fixed delivery preference per delivery address. By choosing a fixed preference, even more packages can be delivered the first time around, according to the delivery wishes of the consumer. That is the most sustainable option that at the same time offers even more customized delivery.

Delivery preferences
Via the app, the recipient follows all packages that are on their way to him via DHL eCommerce. Until the last moment, the delivery time or the delivery location can be changed as desired. What is new is that every app user can also indicate in advance that an agreed place around the house or a specific service point is always preferred. And if the user wants something different, the preference can simply be changed until the moment of delivery. The fact that recipients want flexibility is also evident from the times that a delivery is still adjusted at the last minute. This happens almost a million times a month. More than 10,000 app users have already set their delivery preference; of these, more than half opt for an agreed place and more than 45% for a DHL service point nearby.

The My DHL app has won the 3rd international award; the Digital Impact Award.
The Digital Impact Awards crown the best digital communication work of companies in Europe. The program, now in its 13th year, received a record number of outstanding entries this year. Out of thousands of entries, the My DHL app won the first prize for best mobile app in Europe.

Other awards:

Digital Communication Awards
The Digital Communication Awards have been rewarding outstanding online projects and campaigns since 2011. The My DHL app won 1st prize in the category 'Best Mobile App'. 

Communicator Awards
The my DHL app has won Communicator Awards in five categories. For 'Productivity' and 'Lifestyle', the app won silver. My DHL received gold in three categories: 'Best Practices', 'Integrated Mobile Experience' and 'Best User Experience'. Founded more than three decades ago, the Communicator Awards receive nearly 5,000 entries annually from companies, agencies and studios of all sizes, making it one of the largest awards ceremonies of its kind worldwide.

Delivering Excellence in a Digital World 
DHL innovates in many areas in line with its 'Delivering Excellence in a Digital World' strategy. In addition to investments in technological innovations, this concerns sustainable buildings and an electric fleet. DHL eCommerce is the market leader in the Business Market in the Netherlands and the second and fastest growing player for parcel delivery to consumers. There is a clear demand among consumers for an app, in order to have more control over the delivery of packages via the smartphone.   

The My DHL app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store; in both app stores, My DHL has a 4+ star rating.

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications