DHL eCommerce and Noppies: together for generations to come

It has been the mission of pregnancy and baby clothing brand Noppies for over thirty years: to make the lives of (expectant) parents easier. The brand - part of NINE&Co. - is concerned with future generations in several ways: sustainability is one of the company's focus points. And that is exactly why DHL eCommerce and Noppies fit together so well. 'We share the same progressive vision, and so together we make a difference.'

Fewer emissions, smaller footprint
That sustainable attitude is an important reason for the close cooperation between Noppies and DHL eCommerce. 'Their green initiatives fit perfectly with our own way of working,' says Richard van Grol, Warehouse Manager at Noppies. 'DHL eCommerce delivers all our webshop orders and store stock. For this I have a lot of contact with Key Account Manager Suzanne Robbertsen. She has a good feel for our company and knows exactly where improvements can be made. For example, every month we look at our carbon footprint together, which is very important to us. This is possible thanks to the reports in the shipping tool My DHL Portal, in which you can see exactly the status in terms of emissions.

Physical stores remain indispensable
Noppies' extensive collection is available in nine stores, their webshop and through online marketplaces. But even if customers can go to so many different places, the physical shopping experience remains as popular as ever, notes Rob van Thiel. He is Director of Product and sees that women need professional advice, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. 'They get that in our stores, where they can also try everything directly. Then they immediately see that our products work. Think of onesies with handy closures and maternity clothes that are really comfortable.


DHL eCommerce's sustainable initiatives fit perfectly with our own way of working.
Richard van Grol, Warehouse Manager at Noppies

Pioneers in baby clothing
'We also produce our collections as sustainably and at the highest quality possible,' Rob continues. DHL's focus on, for example, electric delivery and sustainably built sorting centers, is right up our alley. The textile industry is so polluting, we really want to do something about it. We therefore actively investigate where our products come from. This not only involves organic cotton and recycled materials, but also better working and living conditions for factory workers.

'Now we are about to get our B Corp certification - a wonderful step. This certification shows that we are making social and sustainable impact. It allows us to get our message across even better, and hopefully inspire others. We share this progressive vision with DHL eCommerce: they want to make the last mile to the consumer fossil-free. Together we are making a difference! 

Onward full of enthusiasm
A flexible logistics partner who is just as ambitious as the company itself is essential for Noppies. Richard: 'DHL eCommerce helps us grow by always thinking along with us and acting proactively. Suzanne continually comes up with ideas to increase conversion and communicate our sustainable message even better. For example, the online checkout shows which delivery options are the greenest. To improve our website, we are now also working on a full API integration with DHL eCommerce. Then customers will immediately see when their parcel is on its way and can choose delivery at a ServicePoint or locker at check-out. We can't wait to start: rather yesterday than today!


Richard van Grol, Rob van Thiel and Suzanne Robbertsen.