Green Table Talkshow 2023

DHL is constantly working on sustainability. As one of the largest logistics partners, we are a pioneer and play a leading role. Everything we do revolves around connecting people and advancing society. This role comes with a great responsibility. In addition to making services and processes more sustainable, we also look at how we can work greener together and encourage other parties to join us.

Green Table Talkshow
This concept led to the second edition of the Green Table live show on November 2, 2023. The Green Table is an initiative by DHL eCommerce and Webhelden. It is a small-scale (network) event with a talk show about sustainability in retail and e-commerce. In this episode, journalist Frederieke Hegger talks with Josh Veldhuizen of Josh V, Anke Fransen of Hunkemöller, Jules Ruig of Mr Marvis, and Marcel Koers of HappySoaps.

Watch the Green Table Talkshow 2023

What are the lessons learned from well-known Dutch consumer brands?
What are large brands like Hunkemöller doing to prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) legislation, and can smaller brands benefit from this knowledge? Josh Veldhuizen (founder of Josh V) shares how the packaging of the premium women's fashion brand was developed to be as sustainable as possible and simultaneously add value to the customer experience. Jules Ruig talks about the steps Mr Marvis has taken (and is still taking) to be allowed to carry the bCorp certificate. According to Jules, this is already a good exercise for the adjustments that need to be made when CSRD also applies to non-listed brands. Marcel Koers of HappySoaps provides insight into what it's like to establish and grow a fully sustainable personal care brand at this moment. This startup uses input from consumers and users and makes no concessions in terms of sustainability.