Business delivery options


If you're not always at the location to receive a business shipment, you can let us know about your delivery preferences with an authorization form which you can request from our driver or customer service department. We offer the following options: 

Key transfer
If you're not always at your location but would like us to deliver the shipments at your address anyway, you can give a key to our trustworthy driver to access the delivery site (for example a garage). 

Delivery at the neighbors
If your business is closed, or if there's not always someone at the location, you can authorize us to deliver your shipments to your neighbors. You will find a card in your mailbox with the recipient's name and house number. 

Notification of business hours
If your business is closed on certain days as standard, let us know and we'll always deliver the following workday.

If consumers are not at home when we deliver, we'll always leave a card informing the recipient how to plan in the next delivery moment. Read more about our delivery options.

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