Clear communication
Always informed

From your warehouse to our sorting center and to your customers: recipients are informed about the location of their parcel every step of the way. Our communication is crystal-clear. If we have scheduled a delivery time, your customers will know exactly when we're arriving.

Seamless Integration
Upgrade your online store with track and trace

Did you know that 82% of online shoppers follow their parcels online? And that 55% prefer to do this on the site where they placed their order? By offering track and trace in your online store, you add an extra service that will ensure that your customers return.

Easy integration

Our track and trace tool can be linked to your online store in just a few clicks in the recognizable yellow of DHL. Or use your own corporate identity by linking the tool with API integration. This service will lead to increased traffic to your online store, higher customer satisfaction, and improved chances of repeat sales. Want to know how simple it is?

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