Agreed Place


What does the ‘safe place around the home’ delivery option entail?

If you want to receive your parcel even when you might not be at home, that’s no problem. The ‘safe place around the home’ option means you give the DHL courier permission to leave your parcel in a specific place around your home. We call this the Agreed Place. For each parcel, you decide whether the courier may use your Agreed Place, and you select a sheltered location that’s out of sight. This could be in your shed or in the porch. Please note: With this option, couriers may only leave parcels in a place around your home. Please do not enter a different delivery address here.

Why an Agreed Place?

Because lots of recipients want it – it's that simple! Increasingly, our couriers find notes asking them to leave the parcel somewhere. This isn’t really a problem, of course, but clear arrangements need to be made. Now we can do just that! This means we can ensure that senders, couriers, and recipients know exactly what they can and can’t expect from this service

Here’s another bonus: If we don’t have to come back a second time, it means together we can help prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions!

How does the Agreed Place service work?

Once the sender has handed their parcel over to us, you can amend the delivery arrangements on the DHL Track & Trace page. Enter your shipment number and postal code, and under ‘make other arrangements’ select ‘a safe place around the home.’ In the text box, state the place around your home in which the courier can leave the parcel. Please enter your e-mail address, so that we can update you on your parcel’s delivery status. And it’s even easier if you use the My DHL app!

If a parcel needs to be delivered with proof of delivery (signature, PIN code) or age check, then you won’t be able to select the Agreed Place delivery option. Even if the parcel is on its way to a DHL ServicePoint, you will no longer be able to amend the delivery appointment.

Is using Agreed Place a safe option?

With help from you and everyone else involved, we can keep the service reliable:

  • Prevent fraud – never share your shipment number and postal code, as this will allow others to view and / or alter your delivery appointment.
  • You are the one who chooses the Agreed Place. However, if our courier is unsure about it, he/she may decide not to use it.
  • You cannot use Agreed Place to arrange for parcels to be delivered to a different address.
  • We recommend not using the Agreed Place service for high-value items. In such cases, please use a DHL ServicePoint, or select a time when you will be at home.
  • The courier will first ring the doorbell and try to deliver the parcel to you in person. The Agreed Place will only be used as a last resort.

Why can’t I see the Agreed Place option?

There are certain situations in which we do not offer this option:

  • The sender may have chosen not to allow the parcel to be left in an Agreed Place. If this is the case, you won’t see the option under ‘make other arrangements’.
  • Agreed Place is not an option in conjunction with some additional services, such as when an age check is required on delivery.
  • If your parcel is on its way to a DHL ServicePoint, you will not be able to amend the delivery appointment.

What if the parcel isn’t at the Agreed Place?

You may have been expecting a parcel, but can’t find it in the Agreed Place. What should you do?

  • Check the delivery status in track and trace. The courier may not have passed by yet.
  • Go to the track and trace page and click on ‘show details’ arrow below the name of the sender. The courier may have thought that the Agreed Place wasn't safe enough. Please bear this in mind next time.
  • If the courier was unable to deliver the parcel, then he/she will put a card through your mailbox and we will send you an e-mail with details of the next delivery attempt.
  • If you see on track and trace that your order has been left in the Agreed Place, but there is no parcel there and no one else in the household has it either, then please contact the DHL customer service department.

Who is liable once DHL has left the parcel in the Agreed Place?

  • DHL is liable until the moment the parcel is delivered. When the courier leaves your order in the Agreed Place, he/she logs this and it will show up in track and trace.
  • Just like when we deliver your parcel to your door, you’re liable for damage to, loss of, or theft of your parcel after DHL has left it in the Agreed Place.
  • Each time you select the Agreed Place option, we will refer you to the terms and conditions and recommendations. We ask you to agree to these each time you make a delivery appointment.
  • If you still have any questions or if anything is unclear, then we would advise you to get in touch with the online store / sender. They can lodge an enquiry with DHL and discuss with you what steps to take next.

Why is my parcel sometimes not delivered to my Agreed Place?

Sometimes we cannot deliver your parcel at your Agreed Place. This happens, for example, if an age check has to take place or if someone has to sign for receipt.

In addition, we really want to be sure that shipments go to the right destination. That is why we check every delivery based on address and email details. If we have not received your email address from the sender, we cannot guarantee that we will deliver your parcel to the Agreed Place.

Also check the conditions for Agreed Place.