Why is my parcel sometimes not delivered to my favorite DHL ServicePoint or locker?

Delivery preferences

In some cases, we may not be able to deliver your package to your favorite DHL point or locker. This happens, for example, if the package is too large, an age check must take place or if someone has to sign for receipt. We will then deliver it to your home.

We also do this if delivery to your home can take place a day faster than delivery to your DHL ServicePoint or locker. This way your order will not be unnecessarily delayed. By the way, you can always adjust this manually in My DHL or on track and trace.

A third possibility is that your favorite locker is full. We will then deliver your parcel to a DHL point nearby.

Finally, we really want to be sure that shipments go the right destination. That is why we check every delivery based on address and email details. If we have not received your e-mail address from the sender, we cannot guarantee that we will deliver your package to your DHL point.