Follow your return shipment


You can follow a return shipment via track and trace.

Return shipment process
A return shipment which is sent back to the company or webshop where you placed your order, usually takes three working days. Do you see the status "Ready to send to the sorting center"? Then the shipment is still in the process of sorting. The status "Shipment returned to sender" means that the parcel is on its way to the sender. Usually you will see that the shipment was delivered after three working days.

Webshop processes your return
The fact that you see the return shipment in our track and trace on delivery, does not mean that the sender has already processed your return administratively. Many companies and webshops take a certain period of time to do this. It is therefore quite possible that our track and trace shows that your return has been delivered, but that the webshop cannot yet confirm receipt. But no worries, please wait for this process to complete.

Do you have questions about the status of the processing of your return? Please contact the sender. We do not have information about the processing of your return by the sender.