Can I still make changes to the delivery? 


Yes, you can do this in track and trace as soon as we have received your parcel and have processed it in our sorting center. Usually this is on the evening or morning before we make it to your door. You will then be able to move the delivery time to a different moment. Alternatively, you can have the parcel delivered to a neighbor or a ServicePoint. We can also leave your parcel at a safe place around your home, also known as Agreed Place

No changes possible?
Sometimes you cannot change the delivery or choose from all options. For example, if you have to sign for receipt, or if your parcel is already on its way to a DHL ServicePoint nearby. Customer Service can then also no longer make any changes, so there is no need to contact them. You can change the delivery day or time per shipment 3 times, after that it is no longer possible.