Going green
Sustainable partnerships

At DHL eCommerce, we’ve been working for years to make our products and processes more sustainable. For instance, we want the last mile of delivery to be fossil-free. But we want to achieve more than that – and preferably as soon as possible. DHL Cares aims to create sustainable partnerships that focus on nature and other important topics. After all, we want to be mindful of our planet. We understand how crucial that is, and we want to do our bit together with our team and partners.

Everything about GoGreen

Corporate forests
Trees for all

We joined forces with Trees for All in 2019. And we’re proud of that. Together, we are literally making the world greener by creating DHL corporate forests. We do this close to home in North Brabant and Limburg, as well as far away in Ghana and Uganda. As a DHL colleague, you can get even more trees planted, for example by donating your leave hours. Doing so helps us expand the forest. We do the same when a DHL baby is born or we open a new CityHub. This is how we’re making an impact together.