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Shipping has never been easier. In fact, with My DHL Portal, it doesn't matter if you send the occasional package or dozens of pallets per day. Through our digital platform, all your shipments can be processed effortlessly. Our all-in-one business shipping tool streamlines your shipping process: create labels, utilize our smart address book, and easily schedule pick-ups - all in just a few clicks. Discover the benefits of My DHL Portal for yourself.

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All in one
As easy as it gets

With My DHL Portal, you can handle all your shipments with ease - whether it's a parcel or a pallet, small or large, domestic or international. It's very simple: enter the recipient's details, specify what you want to send, and choose any additional shipping options if needed. And voilà, your shipment is ready to go! You can easily store the address details of regular customers or partners in our smart address book, so you have them readily available in the future. If you frequently use the same additional services, you can set them as default options and save even more time.

Features that simplify your shipping process

Shipping is more than just creating labels. With My DHL Portal, you have full control over all aspects of your logistics.

Your pick-ups, your way

Do you ship daily? Then scheduled pick-ups are an excellent option. If you prefer to book them yourself, you can do so directly from My DHL Portal. Select the date and indicate the number of packages you have ready - our driver will be at your doorstep on the chosen day. And you always have an overview: in My DHL Portal, you'll find a convenient display of your booked pick-ups.

Smart customs solutions

Have you ever spent hours struggling with customs documents? That's a thing of the past now: My DHL Portal makes international shipping easy. When you send a shipment to a customs-restricted country, you can automatically generate a customs invoice. Just print it, stick it on the box, and you're done! If you do this frequently, you can also import information about your items. It can't get much easier than that.

Easy printing

Thanks to My DHL Portal, you can print your labels correctly, quickly, and easily. Whether you use a regular printer or a label printer, we ensure that it works and that your labels are always of the right quality. With our automatic printing option, your labels come out instantly. And if you're having trouble with the installation, our experts are ready to assist you!

Importing data
Multiple labels in a breeze

If you ship in large volumes frequently, manually printing labels is not ideal. My DHL Portal provides the solution. With our convenient interface, you can quickly import large quantities of address and shipment data in CSV format. Configure your own templates and save them for future use. That way, even large shipments are a breeze.

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As a brand new business customer of DHL eCommerce, you naturally want to get started as quickly as possible. That's why you'll receive immediate access to My DHL Portal as soon as you create a business account. It's easy to do online, and completely free. Start shipping right away, hassle-free. Ready to get started?

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