Finding a DHL ServicePoint
That's the point

DHL ServicePoints are important beacons in our international network. Your clients regularly visit these points to send or pick up parcels. With tens of thousands of stores and lockers across Europe, we are always near you. We will gladly help you find your nearest DHL ServicePoint.

Find a DHL ServicePoint near you

DHL ServicePoints in the Netherlands

There are more than 4000 DHL ServicePoints in the Netherlands. Finding one is easy as pie. Many of the lockers are accessible 24/7. Points located inside stores operate according to the store's opening hours.

DHL ServicePoints in Europe

There are more than 65,000 DHL ServicePoints in Europe, which assure efficient international shipments at all times. These points are accessible day and night. Points located inside stores operate according to local opening hours.

Your own DHL ServicePoint

A ServicePoint for your clients is a selling point for you. Your clients will be thrilled with the option of collecting their parcel at a DHL ServicePoint, as they don't have to worry about waiting for the delivery at home. Extra service that you can simply offer in your online store.

If you've added the delivery option to your online store, your clients can arrange everything immediately. When placing their order, they can select a pick-up location. Once the parcel has arrived, they'll be sent a notification. At the DHL ServicePoint, the identity of the recipient is verified.

No waiting times or queues = happy customers

If your customers don't want to stay at home and wait for their parcel or want to avoid the queues at a collection point, they can choose to have their parcel sent to a locker. The recipient will select a nearby location, receives a personal code to open the locker, and collects the package within seven days. Handy, flexible, and safe!

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