Flexibility as the standard

Our standard offering includes many options for organizing your shipping and returns simply and flexibly. You decide when we come by for pick-ups, which delivery options you offer in your check-out process and how we handle returns.

Extensive delivery options

All Europeans are definitely not the same: countries are different and every customer has personal preferences. In some countries, for example, picking up parcels from a ServicePoint is the norm, while in the Netherlands and Belgium delivery at the door is quite common. Satisfied customers are important to you, but also to us. That’s why we put your customers in charge. So they choose where their parcels should be delivered: at the front door, at a neighbour’s, in a locker or even at an agreed place near their house. The more delivery options we offer, the happier the customer. We keep your customers informed about their shipments through notifications. Is the delivery time not convenient? Then they can easily change it.

Your guide in 24 countries

The reason for all this flexibility is obvious. As you grow into more and more European trade lanes, with a greater diversity of customer expectations, your logistics set-up has to become more agile. And that’s why we say we’re your logistics partner, not just a provider. By understanding your business and your plans, we can develop solutions that evolve with you.
And thanks to our massive network of 70,000 ServicePoints, your recipients can easily return their packages. This increases the chance that customers will keep returning to your webshop.


World Class Reliability

Today’s online shopper wants to be certain when their goods will arrive. So do you. You can both enjoy industry-leading reliability thanks to our unique delivery network.

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Shipping made simple

Manage and track your shipping across 24 European countries with just one label, one DHL point of contact, and one award-winning IT interface.

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Designed to care for our planet

When it comes to sustainable logistics, DHL eCommerce is leading the way. We have the largest electric fleet in the Benelux, and any new sorting centers we open are BREEAM-certified. We’re committed, together with our customers, to achieve a fossil-free future.

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DHL eCommerce
The perfect match for e-commerce

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