How to deal with abandoned digital shopping carts

More than sixty percent of online shoppers prefer your store over another if you offer better delivery options. This is shown by research by Metapack. Do you want to do something about digital shopping baskets full of missed opportunities? A crystal clear check-out process, transparency about costs and sufficient shipping options can convince many doubters. Flexible and flawless delivery then increases the chance that they will buy from you more often.

Become a champion in customer experience

Are online customers spoiled? I don't think so. They just want the best service, and flexible shipping options are an important part of that. By offering them more freedom of choice, you increase the chance that the delivery will go completely to your liking. This means you've already convinced the most critical buyers: 87% of them indicate that they would like to come back to a webshop when they have received their parcel without issues.

Where is the value?

As an application support executive, I travel the country every week to advise entrepreneurs on the best shipping solutions for their business. They know that DHL is a reliable partner. And most of them really don't need to be told how important a perfect check-out is. So what are we talking about? How we ensure that the shipping options in their webshop match the wishes and expectations of their target group.

DHL plug-in & play

If your webshop runs on Magento, it is easier than ever to perfect your check-out process. We have bundled the most commonly used shipping options in our brand new plugin. All you have to do is request one for free and link the tool to your webshop. Then you simply check which services you want to make available. From evening delivery to same day delivery and delivery to ServicePoint, with every additional option you offer, you increase convenience for customers. And the chance that they (continue to) order from you.

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Written by

Sebastiaan de Raadt

Application Support Executive