Creative retail during corona: that's how Score and DHL kept it omnichannel

If you walk through the shopping streets now, you would almost forget that everything was still tight a few months ago. The lockdown turned the retail world upside down overnight. That was no different for jeans retailer Score. The stores were closed for a while, so Score and DHL came up with a few new (digital) doors to open. With great success!

Abandoned shopping streets
Score's omnichannel strategy suddenly lacked an important link. Just walking into the store and scoring an outfit with the help of a personal shopper was not possible. But not only that: in the more than 70 stores of Score and another 300 shop-in-shops, a large part of the active stock of dust was catching. The collection and return of online orders in branches was also no longer an option. A big gap, which Score, together with DHL, has filled in no time.

Harold Söser - manager operations at Score

The new way of shopping

Make no mistake, consumers place a lot of value on the traditional store. Personal contact and a bit of extra service remain important, Score understands. Their corona solution: if the customer cannot come to us, we will come to the customer. With live video advice via WhatsApp, the Jeans Specialists could continue to help customers with new purchases. They also launched ScoreVandaag: orders placed near the stores were brought by Score on the same day by Score. This way the delivery person could take the pants back if it does not fit.

"Together with DHL, we really delivered a top performance. Within 48 hours, we turned about 50 branches into local distribution centers, where DHL delivery drivers picked up orders online at agreed times. This enabled us to optimally deploy our employees and store stock. During the lockdown we were just in the middle of a change of season and thanks to the pick-ups, the last part of the winter collection was also sold." - Harold Söser, manager operations at Score.

All hands on deck
As it turns out, clothes make the man, even during a crisis. Because although it was a lot quieter in the physical stores, the number of online orders doubled. A great boost of course, but also a logistical challenge for both Score and DHL. Now store employees were suddenly on the other side of the chain: processing packages in the warehouse. Once outside, DHL pulled out all the stops to deliver everything on time. A successful mission, because the customer has not noticed all the hustle and bustle behind the scenes.

Never change a winning screen

In the meantime, you can happily shop again in real life – at an appropriate distance of course. But even though the stores are open, Score keeps digital solutions such as ScoreVandaag and Score Video Advies via phone or tablet in the air. Because if something works, why change it? We can speak of luck in the event of an accident: the omnichannel strategy of DHL and Score is now running smoother than ever.

Sounds good? Wondering what an omnichannel strategy can do for your company? Or could you use help with smart solutions? Contact our Business Development Manager: Frank Mesdag, specialized in omnichannel solutions.