Sustainable shoe shipping: this robot handles it smartly and in

Oversized packaging, unnecessary filling material and wasted cargo space: transport companies transport about 35 percent of air. Together with our customers, we at DHL are therefore constantly looking for sustainable solutions. For example, an intelligent packing machine that leaves not an inch unused.

The perfect size for every parcel

Shoe retailer Omoda has had one in-house since May 2019. This packing robot automatically adjusts the size of the shipping box to the size of the shoebox that is in it. What's in it for you? An impressive saving of up to 46 percent packaged air. And that also saves unnecessary filling material.

Watch the video of the packing machine here.

More cargo volume, fewer emissions

Research by Fontys University of Applied Sciences Technology and Logistics shows that this innovation mainly yields profit in the transport of Omoda to dhl's distribution centre. Because the packages are smaller, 25 percent more fits in each truck. This way we drive back and forth less often and we emit less CO₂. A great step towards our ambition to transport completely emission-free by 2050.

A green footprint

Omoda inpakmachineThe smart packaging machine not only improves Omoda's ecological footprint. Employees and customers also benefit. In this way, the machine does not replace personnel, but instead reduces the workload. This gives distribution employees extra time to deliver higher quality. The benefit for customers? Even better service thanks to the tightly packed packages. With the reusable boxes, they can also easily return orders and the processing is also smoother. Nice, because then the purchase amount is faster on their account.

Sustainability at DHL

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