DHL delivers climate neutral on Terschelling

DHL eCommerce has recently started delivering 100% climate neutral on Terschelling with the DHL StreetScooter, an electric van. The new look of the yellow car has a familiar face. Marry Harkema has been delivering parcels for DHL for almost 15 years. Until recently she did that in her own car, now she comes with the StreetScooter that is specially made by DHL in its own factory for the delivery of packages. The StreetScooter is at the DHL delivery company's home and is charged by the solar panels on her roof, making it a completely green solution.

Ordered today is delivered tomorrow

Five days a week Marry picks up the packages in the port where the regular transporter of Terschelling has already taken care of the crossing over the Wadden Sea. Ordered today and delivered tomorrow on Terschelling. And that is something that islanders but also many tourists make frequent use of. In the summer months there are three times as many people on the island as in the winter, which amounts to half a million visitors a year. "And they regularly complete their holiday set-up by ordering items online and having them delivered to the campsite or holiday park," says Marry. "It's that easy! We islanders are used to ordering items on the mainland and are increasingly doing so online. I now know a lot of people and they know me. With many of them I have made arrangements where I deliver the packages when no one is home. These can be neighbors but also family and sometimes they come to pick up the package at my home. DHL almost always has 100% delivery here on the first delivery attempt. I also do returns".

Well-known appearance

Marry is therefore a well-known appearance on Terschelling. Especially now that she drives the yellow StreetScooter: "The first days I needed much longer to bring my packages around", smiles the islander, "everywhere a chat about my new yellow electric car, I really have a lot of attention". With a range of 70 km, the StreetScooter is perfect for the island. Marry will soon retire and her successor is already ready. "Time for a new generation, but until then I will enjoy driving my delivery rounds in the electric car," says Mrs Harkema.

- Marry Harkema, DHL courier

Climate neutral by 2050

The Wadden Islands have the joint ambition to be self-sufficient in the field of energy and water by 2020. DHL contributes to this by functioning climate-neutral on Terschelling. Later in the year there will also be a StreetScooter on Texel. Electric driving contributes to DHL's recently tightened environmental objective. Recently, the logistics service provider announced that it wanted to become the market leader in green transport. DHL will have reduced all its logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050, which will be achieved with, among other things, clean transport solutions. Of the DHL StreetScooter with which Marry delivers on Terschelling, 50 new ones will be deployed in the coming weeks, bringing the total number of DHL StreetScooters in the Netherlands to 150.

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications