DHL Cares: together for someone else

When you think of DHL eCommerce, you quickly think of our yellow-red vans on the road. But we are more than a logistics partner. At DHL, we also take responsibility for employees, society and the environment. This is partly thanks to our DHL Cares foundation, which was founded about ten years ago. What exactly do we do with our foundation? We are happy to explain. 

GoHelp, GoTeach on GoGreen
The foundation rests on three pillars: GoHelp, GoTeach and GoGreen. 'All our partnerships fall within one of these categories, all of which focus on a different target group,' says Stéphanie Ganzeboom. As Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, she heads DHL Cares. 'GoHelp is committed to families in poverty and improving the digital skills of seniors. At GoTeach, the focus is on the development of children and young adults. GoGreen is all about raising awareness of your surroundings, such as nature and cultural heritage.'

Join forces
In order to make as much impact as possible, DHL enters into partnerships with other organisations. 'For GoGreen, for example, we work together with Trees for All. Together we plant forests all over the world – from North Brabant to Uganda*,' says Ganzeboom. 'And in the context of GoHelp, we are, among other things, a logistics partner of the LINDA. Foundation. Together we pack and send gift packages to families who are struggling. By ensuring that they can buy something new for their children and themselves, we offer these people a bright spot in difficult times.'

'Another example is HandicapNL', Ganzeboom continues. 'We not only work together in the field of logistics, but we also use DHL volunteers during events. For example, during the Formula 1 in Zandvoort. Here our people gave the guests of the foundation an unforgettable day. For example, DHL was not only present on the circuit, but also in addition to it.'

Stéphanie Ganzeboom, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Together for a better world
Although we like to use our logistics expertise, we also help in other areas, Ganzeboom explains. 'To support children and young adults in their development, we work for GoTeach, for example, with the Kinderzwerfboek foundation and various professional football clubs. We are committed to, for example, promoting development in the field of reading or giving young people with a distance to the labour market a boost.'

'This is how we show what it's like to work at DHL and how to prepare for a job interview. It is of course great if we can give someone the opportunity to work with us. But the main goal is that we make the world a better place together by connecting people and organizations. That is the idea behind DHL's social commitment: connecting people, improving lives.'

Making a difference 
'We encourage every employee to commit to someone else: from the moment they start with us until they retire. Our employees are therefore central to all DHL Cares projects: only if we go for it together can we make a difference. By starting with our own people, we hopefully create a movement that continues to expand. Moreover, it is valuable for everyone to do something for someone else', says Ganzeboom. 

Creators of impact
The strength of DHL eCommerce lies mainly in the enormous network, says Ganzeboom. 'We work together with countless people and companies, and everyone is good at something else. It is our goal to use this network even better in the future, in order to create even more social impact. Together with all cares colleagues, I work hard for this every day.'

*The collaboration with Trees for All is separate from the GoGreen compensation program.

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