DHL eCommerce has a first in green parcel delivery in Houten

The DHL eCommerce-CityHub in Houten has a first on green transport. Since the end of June, an electric van and a container bike have been used. The car is from the StreetScooter brand: contrary to what the name suggests, a full-fledged van, made in DHL's own factory in Germany. The bicycle is a four-wheeled, electrically supported, on which a container of one cubic meter is placed. This concept is also a development of DHL itself. "This green duo is perfect for Houten," says Edwin Schulpen (49 years old) who runs the CityHub together with Wendy van der Gun. Both live and work in Houten.

 - Edwin Schulpen, CityHub Manager DHL eCommerce Houten

Cycling city Houten

When Houten grew from a village to a municipality with now 50,000 inhabitants in the mid-80s, the bicycle was put in the center of the new neighborhoods and the car came second. In 2008, the Fietsersbond awarded this approach with the title 'Bicycle City of the Netherlands'. On the ring road that gives limited access to the center, you will encounter the car. In the residential areas set up as pie points, the wide bicycle and walking paths that residents use par excellence to get around stand out.

Parcel delivery

"Houten's set-up requires a different way of delivering," edwin explains. "With the Cubicycle we now deliver much faster than with a van and the StreetScooter transports the large-volume packages. As far as I'm concerned, there will be more!". Delivery drivers Sjoerd Gronsveld (23 years) and Erik Binnema (24 years) are also enthusiastic. The duo still knows each other from primary school. "Ten times a day I am stopped to tell about the beautiful container bike. The Cubicycle is surprisingly light, very manoeuvrable and if I go between the poles to deliver in pedestrian zone then the agreement is that I adapt to the walking speed. Pedestrians just look over the bike," says Erik Binnema, who delivers packages from the CityHub as a part-time job in addition to his ICT management course. And his colleague is also reaping success at the door with the StreetScooter. "Recipients regularly say that they see me rather than hear me!", jokes the cheerful Sjoerd Gronsveld who has been delivering parcels since the CityHub was founded two years ago. "The different shape is noticeable. The silence took some getting used to, but the car drives well, is spacious and can transport many packages. Also the fact that side and back can be opened is convenient and safe". 

About the CityHub in Houten

On the CityHub at nieuwe Schaft 15 in Houten there are 25 delivery drivers who all come from the municipality of Houten. The delivery area includes the municipalities of Houten, Bunnik, a piece of Zeist and Utrecht-Oost (up to the Maliebaan). The CityHub is growing fast due to the growth in online shopping and processes a few thousand packages per day. Edwin: "With this Cubicycle and StreetScooter we are doing well in Houten. It fits in well with what Houten stands for when it comes to quality of life. Nice also for all those foreign camera crews who have been able to find our city for many years and who knows, DHL might be in the picture next time!", concludes de Houtenaar.

Written by

Ewout Blaauw

Director Corporate Communications