Green Table Talkshow

DHL is working non-stop on sustainability. As one of the largest logistics partners, we play an exemplary role. That role coincides with great responsibility. In addition to making products and processes more sustainable, we are also looking on a broader level at how we can work (together) more green and encourage other parties to join us.

This fact prompted the first Green Table on November 3, 2022. The small-scale event with talk show on retail and eCommerce is a pilot by DHL eCommerce and Webhelden.

In this edition, RTL Z presenter Frederieke Hegger talks to Bert van Son of Mud Jeans, Sjoerd Trompetter of Naïf, Linda Keijzer of Xenos and Sandra Schillemans of Vitaminstore. We know that packages still consist of 50 percent air. Partly because of this, packaging has a big impact on the environment. Could re-usable bags be an alternative? This initiative and other solutions are examined and discussed by our panel in the broadcast. The guests also talk about production, procurement and consumer behavior. Watch the video of the Green Table Talkshow.

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