Landelijke druktekaart
Bezorgverwachting voor uw consument en zakelijke ontvanger

Extra measures
This is what we do to deliver your shipments on time

It's peak season again! Around Black Friday, St. Nicholas and Christmas, DHL eCommerce processes up to 40% more parcels than usual. Fortunately we are well prepared, down to the smallest details. Through continuous monitoring, careful coordination with our customers, clever deployment of people and resources, and by offering consumers flexible delivery options, we are once again managing to deliver all parcels on time. Watch the video to see how we do it!

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Firm grip on your shipments

Delivery options

Provide delivery options

Offer alternative delivery options in your online store, like parcel collection at a DHL pickup point. It’s a greener delivery option, and keeps us from ringing the doorbell at an empty house. So it’s win-win!

Delivery alerts

Send delivery alerts

We send your recipients an instant message telling them when we will be coming. If that’s not a good time, the recipient can schedule a different appointment. So always share the e-mail addresses of your recipients with us.

Geplande volumes

Coordinate your schedule

Keep us informed of the expected volume and any changes. Specially in rush periods, we cannot take more than we have arranged to take.

Ready to roll

Always ready to roll

Make sure that all your shipments are ready to be loaded as soon as our driver arrives. Helping us make sure we can load everything fast prevents delays.