What if the parcel isn’t at the Agreed Place?

Agreed Place

You may have been expecting a parcel, but can’t find it in the Agreed Place. What should you do?

  • Check the delivery status in track and trace. The courier may not have passed by yet.
  • Go to the track and trace page and click on ‘show details’ arrow below the name of the sender. The courier may have thought that the Agreed Place wasn't safe enough. Please bear this in mind next time.
  • If the courier was unable to deliver the parcel, then he/she will put a card through your mailbox and we will send you an e-mail with details of the next delivery attempt.
  • If you see on track and trace that your order has been left in the Agreed Place, but there is no parcel there and no one else in the household has it either, then please contact the DHL customer service department.