DHL Parcel is now DHL eCommerce
What does this name change mean?

Nothing really changes other than our name. We continue to do what we’ve always done: deliver and pick up parcels and pallets from individual customer and business addresses. Our well-known track and trace and the method for sending your shipments also remain the same.

DHL Parcel track and trace

There is no change to how you track your parcel. With our DHL Parcel tracking (now DHL eCommerce tracking), you’ll always know exactly where your shipment is. Use DHL eCommerce track and trace to get live updates on your parcel’s status.

Send a parcel with DHL Parcel

Want to send a parcel? The process is the same with DHL eCommerce as with DHL Parcel. Ship easily online or via our My DHL app, drop it off at a DHL ServicePoint or Parcel Locker near you, and use track and trace to follow its journey to the recipient. Ship for as little as €3.15.

Contact DHL Parcel

If you have questions or need support when shipping a parcel, our helpful DHL eCommerce customer service team is always there to help. Visit the page for more information. Contact us for personalized help and advice. The method of contact remains the same for business customers. 

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