Stronger together
Logistics Champion

As a logistics service provider, our day-to-day work involves pushing our boundaries. We are a pioneer in innovation, green transport, and achieving a social impact. If you want to be world-class, you always have to aim for the very best. Work hard, be ambitious, and keep looking for ways to improve. Get everything out of yourself, and each other. That’s what teamwork is about.

From vison to setup

From playing in sold-out stadiums to triumphing in nail-biting finals: Big dreams start small. We support extremely driven athletes who are determined to reach the top together with their team. But there’s a lot of work to be done before you get there. Want to know what this road to success looks like?

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Going for Gold
Supporter of Success Stories

In the next four years, we’ll be doing everything we can to help our women’s teams get closer to their dream. Together, we have one goal: to get the best out of ourselves. By supporting our national sportswomen, we also want to inspire others—from athletes, trainers, and coaches to our own customers, couriers, and drivers—to follow their hearts and turn their ambitions into success.

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Meet Our Ambassadors

Laura Dijkema, #4 at 2016 Olympic Games

“My team and I are doing everything we can to reach the top. And that goes beyond sports alone. We hope to inspire others who also want to make their dreams come true. This, along with being number one, is part of our mission.”

Instagram Laura

Pien Sanders, 2022 World Champion

“Our team has been among the world’s best for years. But the job of making our dreams come true is never done. Together with the other women’s teams, we’re going to do everything we can to be at the very top of our game.”

Instagram Pien

Jackie Groenen, 2017 European Champion

“Many women’s sports, not just women’s football, are flourishing right now. But we had to fight to get here. Now it’s time to make our dreams come true for the years to come.”

Instagram Jackie

Lois Abbingh, 2019 World Champion

“Our team has been working very hard for years to reach our top position. We’re proud that our sport is more visible than it ever has been. Now there are no more barriers to making our dreams come true. Let’s go for gold in Paris 2024!”

Instagram Lois

Our Sponsorships Worldwide
The Boundless Connecting Power of DHL

DHL supports many other special initiatives alongside four national women’s teams. We provide sponsorship to people and organizations across the globe who are involved in sport as well as initiatives for society and sustainability. Find out what we’re doing to help our friends around the world.

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