Formula 1
Logistics partner of the world's largest racing competition

DHL has been a global partner of Formula 1® for almost forty years. This makes us the proud record holder. We transport 1,400 tons of race cars, fuel and equipment to racetracks around the world. Our motorsport logistics specialists work closely with the teams and Formula 1® management. In this way, we provide seamless logistical support during official test drives and races in the largest motorsport competition in the world.

Lightning fast
DHL Fastest Lap Award

Formula 1® is all about speed. Over the entire race, but also per lap. The driver who sets the fastest lap during the race receives an additional championship point. And whoever has driven the most fastest laps at the end of the season receives the DHL Fastest Lap Award. Enough reason to quickly put on a new set of tires at the end of the race.

DHL Fastest Lap Award

The perfect tire change
DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award

You don’t win in Formula 1® without the perfect pit stop. Ironclad planning, hair-trigger cooperation and absolute precision come together to send the car back onto the track in a flash – with new tires or even a whole new front wing. Formula 1® is a true team sport, and this is best showcased in those few seconds when the car is stationary. The team with the very fastest pit stop receives the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award.

DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award

Sponsor of four national women's sports teams

DHL is a proud sponsor and logistics partner of our national women’s teams in no fewer than four sports: soccer, field hockey, volleyball and handball. Together we share one dream: to reach the absolute top. And we’re already well on our way. With SameDream, we will support the KNVB, KNHB, NEVOBO and NHV  for the next four years. Our mission is to help our orange heroines as they achieve world-class performances. Wondering how? Then read on.

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