Returns Slovenia

  1. Packaging
    Pack the item you are returning in suitable packaging. The outer packaging should be made of sturdy, high-quality material that ensures the safety of the package's contents. Use a sufficiently strong adhesive tape or other effective sealing method.

  2. Shipment Label
    Attach the shipping label to the front of the package in a way that makes the entire label legible. Do not attach it to the package's edge. Affix the label over the original shipping label to cover the receipt number/barcode of the original label.

  3. How to return
    Drop off the properly prepared shipment at any post office*.

  4. Shipment Drop-Off Confirmation
    Complete a Shipment Drop-Off Confirmation form at the post office before submitting your shipment. This form serves as proof that you have submitted the shipment.

Shipment Drop-Off Confirmation

*Shipments cannot be submitted at contract post offices.