When will DHL deliver my parcel?

If you're sending your parcel to a Dutch address, it'll normally arrive the next day, provided you dropped off the package in time. Due to busy times your shipment may take longer to reach its destination. International transit times depend on the destination country.

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Where's my nearest delivery point?

You can send your parcel from a DHL store or leave it in a parcelstation to be sent later. With 4000 points in the Netherlands, there's sure to be one near you. Find your DHL ServicePoint.

How will I know when my parcel has arrived?

Use track and trace to pinpoint your parcel in the Netherlands at any time of the day. Use international track and trace to follow other parcels. Make sure you have the shipment number and the recipient's postal code, so we can tell you exactly where your parcel is. We'll e-mail you as soon as your parcel has been delivered.

I haven't received a shipping label. What should I do?

If you didn't receive a label after registering your parcel or if the label is not legible, please contact our customer service department for a new label.

Can I send a parcel to a PO Box?

Unfortunately, you can't use DHL eCommerce to send parcels addressed to a PO Box.

Can I send envelopes?

You can send envelopes very easily with DHL eCommerce. Using My DHL Portal, you can create a shipment in a few simple steps. It works exactly the same as shipping a letterbox parcel. Please note that you cannot send postcards or letters. You can find which other goods you are not allowed to ship here

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How does the recipient know that my parcel has been delivered to a DHL point?

The recipient of your parcel will receive a text message or e-mail if it has been delivered to a DHL ServicePoint.

How can I track my international package?

Does your parcel cross our border? Follow it every step of it’s journey with our international track en trace. Even in most remote areas. Neat!

How does printless shipping work?

If you send a parcel with DHL, you typically print your own label. Don't have a printer at home? No problem! Choose the option 'No printer available' when ordering your shipment. Next, drop off your parcel at a DHL ServicePoint and have the QR code scanned on your phone, so we can do the rest.

Do you want to drop off your parcel at a DHL Locker? Then printless shipping is not possible. Shipping using a QR code is currently only available for shipments within the Netherlands.

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What are the maximum dimensions of a mailbox parcel?

The maximum dimensions of a mailbox parcel are: 38 cm long, 26.5 cm wide and 3.2 cm high. This way you can be sure that your package fits in every mailbox.

What does it cost to send a mailbox parcel at DHL eCommerce?

You can send a mailbox parcel to a DHL ServicePoint within the Netherlands for € 3.70, or to a home address for € 4.20. You can send parcels within Europe from € 10.

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What am I not allowed to ship with DHL?

There are rules for what you can and cannot ship with DHL eCommerce. For security reasons, it is prohibited to ship certain items and substances. If in doubt, please check with our customer service before shipping. 

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How do I ship a parcel with DHL eCommerce?

With the My DHL app you can prepare your parcel for departure in no time. First click on 'New Shipment', select the weight (maximum 23 kg via a DHL ServicePoint) and make sure your parcel does not exceed 120x60x60 cm (l-w-h) and a maximum of 240 l (l-w-h/1000). Fill in your own details and those of the recipient. Pay easily with iDEAL or credit card, and now just print your shipping label, stick it on your package and you're done! No printer at home? Then choose printless shipping, and show your QR code at a DHL point.

Prefer not to create your label online? An employee at a nearby DHL ServicePoint can assist you as well. There is an additional fee of €1 for this service. This applies only to parcels shipped within the Netherlands.

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How does the DHL locker work?

The DHL locker is very easy to use. When your parcel is ready for pickup, you'll receive a code to retrieve it. Need more information? You can find it on our website.

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